How to Stay Fun during Solo Travelling

Some people may underestimate solo traveling. They think it’s less fun and lonely but some people also more appreciate it instead. Traveling alone doesn’t mean you will be all lonely and gloomy. You can still have some fun and experience many things during travel. Indeed, you will be able to gain more peace especially when you are traveling to relieve some stress from hectic days. For the first experience, it might feel scary to travel solo especially when you’re used to be accompanied by many people like friends or families. However, it’s going to be addictive once you find your own perks while traveling solo.

Tips to stay fun and safe while solo traveling

Aside from having fun, you need to stay safe while traveling solo. No matter how safe the place you’re going to visit is, there is always a risk for criminal acts and potential natural hassle. Therefore, there is no harm to be more prepared for your solo travel. Here are some tips for traveling solo:

  • Prepare everything beforehand thoroughly. You need to prepare everything such as buying travel insurance, deciding your destination, booking a hotel, buying tickets, etc. You can make preparation based on your own needs and preference. Don’t need to be rush in preparing for your solo travel so you won’t forget important things. Make sure you pack light to avoid hassle while bringing your bag or suitcase.
  • Next tips are to learn how to adapt to your new surroundings. Arriving at a new place alone can be overwhelming. Thus, you need to take your time to relax so you are more familiar with the city. When you have a problem, don’t hesitate to ask. Don’t wander around like a lost puppy. Ask the locals politely and make sure you use proper language.
  • Always bring a map of your destination so you know exactly where you are and where to go. You will always know the direction through the map.
  • To ensure your safety while solo traveling, don’t give personal information easily to a stranger. Sure, you need to be proactive to blend with your surroundings and the locals but it doesn’t mean you leak every personal information of yours since it’s dangerous.
  • Another tip to keep you safe is to stay low-key. Don’t wear jewelry while traveling to avoid the risk of losing it. Bringing expensive devices can attract bad people to take advantage of you. So if you don’t really need those things then it’d better leave them at home.
  • To set the mood while traveling alone, don’t think of bad things and smile friendly. You can also learn some simple local language to interact with others. When you’re bored, read something funny to keep your mood up.

To remove lonely feeling, make yourself a routine like having dinner at the same dinner every night or visiting the same coffee shop every evening. This will make you get familiar with people around and won’t make you feel left out. That’s how you can stay fun and safe while solo traveling.