Komodo Sailing Trip: A Journey Full of Sea Therapy!

Have you ever think that Komodo sailing trip can be a holiday retreat you are craving for? This is the kind of journey where you can have a short break from reality. Where you will be disconnected with the rest of the world and spend your days exploring the virgin islands. Well, they are not actually virgin—some are highly popular among tourists. Most of them, however, are completely devoid from any civilization, leaving nature to take care of the wild.

Komodo Sailing Trip: A Journey Full of Sea Therapy!

A trip to Komodo National Park is certainly something to change your travelling life altogether. It’s not just sailing, it’s an exploration of what’s left from paradise. The sailing trip will enable you to visit exotic places that otherwise cannot be reached. So what’s this sailing trip is all about? How’s life on board during Komodo sailing trip?

It’s All Start in Labuan Bajo

Your first day of Komodo sailing trip will start from Labuan Bajo, a once humble fishing village that’s now brimming into a growing port town. If you have previously booked your liveaboard (recommended!) you will meet the owner and the ship here. But if you haven’t got anything, you can directly choose the boats from a range of selection here. You will get assigned to your cabin and meet other passengers that will be your sailing buddies for days ahead. Depend on the liveaboard, you may or may not get welcome drinks to celebrate the beginning of the adventure.

Get to Know Each Other

Couple of first hours are usually spend to get to know each other. Be social! While you might be tempted to lie down and close your eyes in one of those lazy chairs immediately, it’s actually great to start a friendly relationship with other people on board. Especially when you are going to be with them all the whole time of the sailing trip.

Two-Three Island A Bay to Keep Sadness Away

More than twenty little islands make up the Komodo National Park archipelago. That means in this sailing trip, you can have not just one, but three different island each day! Each island is unique to its own and totally worth the visit. Some are popular for these reasons:

Islands for crazy panoramic view—Padar, Gili Lawa, Sebayur (a lot of hike!) 

Where to Meet the Dragons—Komodo Island, Rinca

The Closest to Wildlife Sunset Show—Kalong (Big Bat) Island

The Whole Island is A Beach—Taka Makassar

Islands for Crazy Snorkel—Kanawa Island

Others to Explore—Little Siaba, Big Siaba, Angel Island

Granted, exploring these island will keep you busy and completely forget worldly business.

Hiking, Sunbathing, Diving, Repeat

Aside from seeing the lethal Komodo Dragon, sailing in Komodo National Park basically have three goals in mind. First, you will have lots of hike to reach Komodo’s world famous panoramic view point in some of its islands. Padar and Gili Lawa is just among the most popular. 

Diving and snorkelling is one of the must-do during a Komodo sailing trip. The national park has one of the highest concentration of marine life which make it as world class diving sites. It’s a pristine location to see high variation of corals, Manta Rays, turtles and vibrant marine life. Some of the best sites are Manta Point, Batu Bolong, Castle Rock, Crystal Rock, and Yellow Wall.

And when you are not doing two of these activities, you probably finding yourself sunbathing. Whether it’s on the boat’s deck or pristine beaches, the sailing trip has plenty of ways to enjoy the sun.

Your Komodo sailing trip will consist of a balance between sunbathing, relaxing, and adventure to gorgeous places! It’s gonna be insanely fun experience with a healthy dose of sea therapy on board. And having a good, spacious liveaboard will definitely make your journey even more comfortable!