Minimizing Health Risk From Constant Working On Computer Screen

Spending hours on your computer screen can cause severe health problems such as cardiovascular disease. However, it is such an inevitable to finish your work by using your computer especially when work from home policies are now applied due to the situation with covid-19. people are forced to use computer even more now. One of the most possible health problem you get from constant working on computer screen is screen apnea. It is a condition where you are shallow breathing or holding your breath every time you face computer screen. 

Computer Work

Stay healthy working in front of computer screen

Screen apnea as mentioned above can lead to chronic breath holding which can also result in severe health problems. It leads to exhaustion which also compromise your work performance. Sitting in the same position all day long also can cause severe health problems such as chronic back pain, neck pain, and more. Here are some tips you can try to stay healthy even when working on computer screen constantly on daily basis:

Be more mindful when it comes to breathing. Make sure not to use too much tension in your shoulder in breathing. Try not to make hold breathing as your habit. If you unconsciously doing so, get back to the right habit by breathing properly through your diaphragm. This is a healthy way because the oxygen will be provided properly to your brain. Take some breaks to breathe properly. 

Avoid staying in the same position for long period. Try to move your body every once in a while. Moving around can help lower your risk of sudden cardiac arrest. Mental stress and physical tension will melt away when you are moving. If it is not possible for you to work on the desk by standing, at least take some breaks to stand up, breathe, shake your limbs, and stretch out. If you sense a tension in particular part of your body, stretch it out longer until the tension released.

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Try chair yoga. It is an exercise you can implement while sitting in your chair that has a back support. You can let your shoulders slide down your back. Place your arm on the back of the chair, and stretch out for a few minutes. Shake any uncomfortable tension you feel in your body. Move all your limbs from head to toe to get relaxed. 

Shift your attention to natural setting such as looking at the greenery. It helps clear your mind. Natural surroundings can help relax your body as well. It is also a good idea if you put some mini pots containing cactus or succulents. You can shift your attention on your plants while regulating your breathing. 

Try the 20-20-20 rule. It is where every time you spend 20 minutes looking at the screen, you take a 20 second break, and move around or look at something located 20 feet away from you. It helps relax your eye muscles, regulate your breathing, and remove fogginess in your brain. During 20 second break, you can hydrate yourself.