Smart Packing: What Clothes to Pack According to Your Itinerary

You have your eyes set to Bali. You have booked your tickets, and what’s left is packing. Essentially, what you need to pack will depend on your itineraries. Bali is rich with heritage, varied landscape, as well as growing tourists hub, which may call for different attire entirely. While there’s no definite packing list for everyone, these common guide can help you pack according to your plan.

Pro tips: pack light and purchase the rest at your holiday destination. Bali is bustling alive with eclectic designers and quality, low-priced street shops. Fill your bags with the essentials and make room for joyful shopping that will remind you of the fun you had on this sunny island back home.

A Chic City-Walk

The touristy street in Seminyak, Kuta, and Ubud is brimming with fancy shops and restaurant, inviting you to take a stroll just to enjoy the town. In a typical day where all you want to do is just wandering around, you can always safely choose beach attire. A t-shirt and shorts are everything you need, though you can always choose singlets or cute skimpy clothes if you want to. Adapt to more conservative clothing if you are going off the beach town, heading to local area or exploring the small villages.

For a long walk on the town, a pair of flip-flops will be your best friends. Flip flops are highly durable and very flexible. In fact, you can go to established malls straight from the beach, wearing flip flops, and still be okay. For trendier option, you can choose a pair of comfy sneakers. However, wearing socks in the middle of the hot blazing sun can be quite uncomfortable. So, it’s best to spare your nice shoes for a night in upscale clubs where you’ll need something nicer than flip-flops.

Tour to the Temples

A visit to the temples and other sacred sites requires special dress codes. You are expected to respect the sacred site and show your etiquette. Many temples in Bali requires you to cover your legs and shoulder, so always bring extra scarf and sarong (some places allow you to rent one, but it’s nice to have one for your own).

A Day at Breezy Beaches

Ah, the beach. After all, Bali’s pristine white beaches are the reason you are coming for. Of course, this is your chance to wear your cute summer bikini. Bikini is generally accepted in a beach town and coastal area, as long as you wear them only at the beach and swimming pool. Once you step out, cover yourself up. Showing way too many skins off the beach is deemed inappropriate by the locals, so slip on proper clothes when you are going back to the street.

As always, the old’ good rubber flip-flops are your best bet for enjoying the beach. It can get wet without getting ruined, it dries fast, and is easy to clean from the sands.

Trekking to the Highland

If trekking to Mount Agung (or any other mountain) is on your itinerary list, then you really should prepare a pair of hiking shoes or sandals. You don’t want to ruin your nice running shoes, do you? The climate in higher elevation land is a chiller, so make a room for a light jacket and long sleeve clothing to keep your body warm.

Happy traveling!