The Cheapest Sushi Restaurants in Bali

Sushi is a classic; one of the most well-known Asian cuisines that’s widely spread and well-liked at any time of day. If your travel or your long stay in Bali made you miss that mouthwatering  pieces of heaven, make sure to take notes of these Japanese food establishments. If you’ve been staying in Bali for quite some time, you’d know which one is actually cheap, and which one is actually a so-so. And it’s a big deal. Especially if you plan on eating a huge and varied portion of these delectable pieces. Here are the places the Balinese locals go to on a daily basis without breaking the bank.

Warung Sushi Kawe

This restaurant is located at Jalan Pulau Kawe, near Teuku Umar Denpasar. It’s popular with the local university crowd. Especially with the fact that the biggest public universities in Bali is located merely two kilometers away from the restaurant. The average price range is 30,000 – 50,000 IDR for a plate. Mango Maki Roll set is priced at 15,000 IDR. They give free ocha refills, which is excellent for the wallet.

Arkenzi Sushi & Ramen

A small sushi establishment, currently located at Denpasar Mum Food Market that you can find at Jalan Mahendradatta Denpasar. Among this list, this place is the cheapest of all, in which the price of each item on the menu is less than 30,000 IDR. The downside is that they don’t serve nigiri zushi, so only rolls (maki) are available. It’s a good place to eat on a super tight budget. The location is also a plus if you love outdoor seating, as DPS Mum Food Market is essentially an open-space food court.

Sushi Qombi

The prices on average at Sushi Qombi is 30,000 – 50,000 IDR, with pretty good portions. Bring a friend or two so that you can taste everything they have on offer. One of the items with the lowest price at Sushi Qombi is Chicken Avo Nigiri, priced at 22,000 IDR at the time of this writing. The place is characterized by a green van sitting just outside.

Kunti Japanese Restaurant Sushi Bar

Not the cheapest of the cheap but definitely worth a look if you want some authentic sushi. Located at Jalan Raya Legian, Kunti Japanese Restaurant Sushi Bar has fresh sushi and sashimi that are popular both with the locals and tourists. Roll set is priced at 45,000 IDR, and a bowl of miso soup is priced at 10,000 IDR. If you’re staying in Kuta, this place is probably one of the closest ones you’d find for affordable sushi.

Mori Mori Japanese Fusion Food

This establishment is located at Jalan Gunung Soputan Denpasar. They serve a variety of Japanese food from ramen to Japanese curry rice. In their sushi section, they have California roll, Chicken roll, chicken tempura roll, and so forth. The most expensive item in the sushi menu is priced at 32,000 IDR, which is not expensive by any stretch when it comes to sushi.


They have several chains throughout Denpasar, located in North Denpasar, South Denpasar, and they even have a stall at Tiara Dewata Food Court aside from their standalone restaurant buildings. You can order a set of same-type sushi with the option of 4 or 8 pieces. The average prices for the makizushi is 30,000 IDR.