Tips to Safely Go Travelling During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a blessing but sometimes it makes you have more limits in almost everything. You have to watch what you eat, what to do, and where to go for the sake of you and your baby. However, it is not impossible to go travelling during pregnancy. Some women might be like sprawling around the bed during their pregnancy. However, there are also lots of them who enjoy more exploring outside their house. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun travel. You can have it but you need to do it safely.

How to go travelling during pregnancy safely

If you plan to go travelling regardless of the destination, you need to prepare everything well. Here are tips for you if you want to go travelling during your pregnancy:

  • Consult your doctor to find out if your pregnancy is high risk or not. Your doctor will need to examine your health including your pregnancy to make sure that you are in fit to go for travelling. Thus, plan your travel in advance to give you time for counseling and preparing.
  • Choose your destination wisely. For pregnant women, travelling to developing countries is not recommended because there is high risk of diseases such as typhoid, etc. This risk is dangerous not only for the mother to be but also for the unborn baby. You will need to get a shot for vaccines if you decide to visit developing countries to minimize the risk.
  • The safest time to go travelling during pregnancy is the second semester. In this period, you are in lower risk of having any complications. In the first semester of your pregnancy, your body and your baby is still in high risk of developing some complications. This is also happens during the third semester. Thus, it is best to travel during your second semester of pregnancy.
  • You need to make preparation based on what kind of transport you take for the travel. Each transport has potential risk that you need to pay attention to. Make sure you list each potential risk and solution so you will be more prepared for your trip. For example, travel by plane may put you in turbulence. Thus, you need to remember to stay in your seat but stretch and flex your ankles regularly.
  • Actually, long distance-travelling is not recommended for pregnant women since the risk of clots forming is high. This condition leads to lodge circulation in many parts of body which are bad for your health. To avoid this condition, you need to do frequent leg exercise, stay hydrated, avoid caffeine intake, as well as walk regularly.
  • You need to be wary of any kids of medication. Wrong medication intake can lead to miscarriage. Thus, you need to consult your doctor to prescribe you necessary medication to bring. It is highly advisable to no take over the counter medicines during your travel. Always call for professional medical help if you find any problem in your travelling during pregnancy.