5 Exotic Animals You Can See During Your Marine Adventure in Bali

Lies in the equator, tropical climate of Bali invites thousands exotic marine life to life under its sea. Some might be difficult to find in colder water, such as Europe or American water. Aside from pretty corals in beautiful hues of red, purple, orange, and yellow, you will find yourself fascinated by an attractive marine safari scenery, more captivating than any other zoo you ever visit.

5 Exotic Animals You Can See During Your Marine Adventure in Bali

Bali’s reef site is home to thousands different species of sea life. Some of them are stars of diving spots in Bali, such as Mantas and Mola-Mola fish, which are hugely popular among divers. While you are swimming among the swarms of fishes in Bali, here are five exotic marine animals you can  encounter.

  1. Ray Mantas

Nusa Penida, being Bali’s one prime diving destination, is famous for being a Manta Ray point. Divers from all across the world patiently wait for this majestic fish to reveal itself. This gentle giants are often seen swimming—almost like flying with its huge fin—with school of cleaner fish busy plucking parasites on its skin. Manta, remarkable for being friendly and curious around human, are easy to witness within the clear blue water.

  1. Mola Mola or Sun fish

Seeing Mola Mola has been in nearly every diver’s wish list. In fact, its one of the main attraction of the marine safaris in Bali. How not to be? This enormous puffy fish is very adorable. Commonly referred as Sun fish, this large ball of cuteness commonly lives in deep ocean. When it comes to the season (around July – October), Mola-Mola will spend most of its time in the surface, getting sun rays as much as they can. However, it can be quite hard to reach the diving site where Mola-Mola lives, and you are lucky to get a glimpse of them.

  1. Turtles

One of the big stuff to see in Bali is the turtles! You can find three species of turtles living in Bali; the green turtles, leatherback, and the hawksbill turtle. This large reptiles appears very calm and peaceful, almost like a zen among thousand busy fishes. Hanging out with the turtles in the wild is one of the coolest thing you can do while diving in Bali.

  1. Nudibranch

Moving from large creatures, nudibranch might be the one who you want to meet next. Popular among macro underwater photography, this magnificent sea slug is famous for its translucent and colorful soft bodies. They come on almost every color combination you can imagine, strikingly beautiful among the world of blue

  1. Reef Sharks

Can you see sharks in Bali? Of course you can! For a more adventurous diving, the underwater world of Bali offers the famous Whitetip reef sharks spotting. They commonly swim across the coral reefs (hence their name) and generally harmless. Don’t worry, they are commonly not interested by your presence, unless provoked.

Though it can be exciting to meet them in the wildlife, be warned as some of them might require higher diving skills. Consult with your diving center before making the marine trip to ensure a totally safe, memorable experience!