A Commoners Guide for Totally Unusual Trip in Bali

Do you think Bali is only synonymous with beaches and surfs? Behold, wanderers! Bali treasures much more hidden beauty if you are willing to step a little farther than the shoreline. Forget the beaches and the shops. Out to the beaten track, you will encounter stunning hidden places that will makes your travel log out of the ordinary.

A Commoners Guide for Totally Unusual Trip in Bali

  1. Find Serenity in Pura Lempuyang, the Temple Above the Clouds

Located in Karangasem, this temple is best described as secluded. You need to ascend several sets of stairs before reaching the main gate, and the view is downright wonderful. Described by many as Stairway to Heaven, you will quickly realized that you are almost as high as the clouds, with Mt. Agung towering before you.

  1. Strolling around Ubud’s signature terrace paddy fields

Ubud’s soothing atmosphere thickens as you go up to the hills until reaching enormous layers of green paddies. Go at dusk or dawn to capture the serene rays of sun falling gracefully to the terraces of paddies.

  1. Discover Hidden Waterfall

Bali treasures a number of hidden waterfalls deep inside its forests. Pull your adventurous soul out, and go hike! Sambangan, Northern Bali, holds some of the most beautiful waterfall in the Island. You can choose between Banyumala Twin Waterfall, where two flows of water stream down right into a turquoise lake, surrounded by green jungle, or Secret Garden Waterfall, where you can jump from the waterfalls right into calm blue lagoon beneath. Look up also to Aling-Aling waterfall, Like Beke Waterfall, and the most romantic waterfall among all, Sing-Sing Waterfall in Lovina.

  1. See the first sunrise in Mount Batur

Watching the sun peeking up between the clouds feels significantly different than the one at the beach. You’ll need to wake up hours before dawn, and take two hours hike to the top of Mount Batur. After some sweat and tired legs, however, you will be greeted by one of the most stunning view possible. Watch the dark sky of the night, sparkling with constellation of stars, slowly turns into soft hues of pink and purple, and finally warmed by layers of oranges before the stars are completely disappears into the light. Definitely an ultimate kick to start the day.

  1. Soak in Natural Hot Water Spring, Kintamani

If you think Bali is just hot and sunny, you definitely need to chill at Kintamani. Sits in the feet of Mount Batur, you’ll get plenty of cool, fresh air, and have selections of hot springs available. Indulge yourself in hot spring retreat to calm your mind and soothe your body. Spend some good hours inside this therapeutic thermal waters to give your body a healthy dose of natural remedy.

  1. Paddling a boat across Bedugul Lake

Aside from surfing, this is one kind of water sport that you can do in a much calmer water. Located at the central highlands of Bali, Lake Beratan is most popular with the locals rather than overseas tourists. It’s easy to get absorbed with the cool air, view of greenery and the mountain. A temple stands near at one of the side lake, marking this lake as one of the sacred sites in Bali. You can reach this temple by speed boats or paddling one by yourself.

  1. Pay a visit to the dead at Trunyan Cemetery

How does visiting the dead sounds to you? You’re gonna encounter one of the most grotesque cemetery ever. Villagers at Trunyan are living the Old Bali, much different than the rest of the Islands. Instead of cremating the dead, a common practice among Hindu Balinese, they left their dead family just in the open air under Taru Mayan Tree (A beautifully scented tree). Seeing bones and skulls lying peacefully will gives you a whole different perspective of death.