Best Spots for Whale Watching Travel Ideas

Being as close as possible to rare creatures is a thrilling idea. However, you can basically do anything when it comes to your dream travel included whale watching. Spotting whales in their natural habitat is the best experience not only for kids who are full of excitement when it comes to wild creatures but also adults who have known what kind of wonder they can feel to see wild whales. This activity is not for everyone indeed. Most people who like this activity are adventure travelers. The most amazing moment when it comes to whale watching is when they come out from the water and grace you with present even for a little time. Their large size is mesmerizing to see up close. Lots of people are getting interested to be able to encounter whale especially in their natural habitat. If you also have the same thought, you might as well start searching the best spot to meet whales in the open sea.

Recommended spots to see wild whales in their natural habitats

There are no many places you can go to see whales. Encountering them is still rare opportunities to begin with. Only in few places that you can be able to encounter them. Here are recommended places you can visit to watch whales from up close in their natural habitats:

  • California, specifically The Baja Coast of Mexico is recommended if you want to watch whales. You can even spot variety of them. The most common varieties include Humpback and Orcas. It is said that this place is the only spot that the gray whale will give birth. Thus, your chance to see them is higher especially during calving season. Aside from whales, you can even say hello to thousands dolphins living in this place.
  • Another best spot to see whales is Alaska. This is a home to many species of them include Humpbacks, Gray whales, Belugas, Orcas,  and even the scarce Blue Whale. As we have known that Blue whale is the largest creature on Earth until now. The best time to visit this place is around May to August.
  • Hermanus, South Africa is also a great spot to meet whales. This place is quite special for whale spotting because this is where numerous whale species come to feed in preparation for mating as well as birthing season. Thus, your chance to spot them is higher. You can even spot them easily from the shore since they are many. July to November is the best time to visit this place.
  • Next place to spot whales is Husavik, Iceland. There are many whale species live along the Iceland’s coast such as Orcas, Humpbacks, minke whales, and even Blue whales. The chance to spot whales from this place is high especially because it is a home to over 20 species of whales. The best time to visit this special place is April to September. If you want to spot Blue whales, visit this place during July and August.