Running A Smooth Komodo Diving Liveaboard Trips

You love diving. Now you heard that Komodo diving liveaboard vacation in Komodo Island, Indonesia, that makes everyone goes crazy. You have heard the news of how well-preserved the underwater sites are, how clear the water, and the overall rich experience. And after earning your vacation fund, the time has come to embark on the liveaboard. Here’s what you need to know to make your diving trip in Komodo National Park a smooth and fun experience. 

Little Tips to Run A Smooth Komodo Diving Liveaboard Trips

1. Know the Currents

Does your certification match the diving destination? Know beforehand that Komodo has one of the strongest currents in the archipelago. It even has that type of roller coaster currents. You need to be at least certified in Adventure Deep Dive. Otherwise, you cannot dive deeper than 18 meters where the sites are. Due to the strong currents, however, Komodo has some of the richest marine biodiversity on earth. The world under the waves is just like a world-sized aquarium. Billion of fishes from countless species, sharks, cuttlefishes, nudibranchs, and colourful coral garden spread on the sea floor.

2. Pick the Destinations

Komodo National Park boast numerous amazing diving sites. Batu Bolong, Manta Point, Castle Rock, and Crystal Rock are just few of the most famous. Each has different topography, marine life, and level of difficulties. Determine the type of diving you like and pick the destinations accordingly. Sometimes, your Komodo diving liveaboard lets you to arrange your own itinerary, but some cannot. Always check with your tours.

3. Choose Liveaboard with Plenty of Rest Area

There are many liveaboard operator in the area, but you need to pick the best one. Unless you are sailing with excellent Komodo diving liveaboard, you will pretty much end up with cramped space with no actual place to relax. It’s important to get enough rest to maintain proper stamina during diving trips—it can be quite exhausting! Look for diving liveaboard which offers actual cabins for two (or maximum, three). You will really appreciate a chance to throw your tired body into a soft bed after spending the whole day squashed in water pressure.

4. Get Changed Often

It’s very important to maintain your body heat in between dives. With a chance to dive up into five sites every day in Komodo National Park, you can quickly lose lots of body heat to the verge of hypothermia—even in tropical water like Flores. Dry yourself as soon as you get off from the water and change into dry clothes. This allow your core temperature to warm up faster and make your next dive even more enjoyable.

5. Get Along with Everyone

In Komodo diving liveaboard, you won’t be alone (unless you are booking a private yacht for two!). You will meet divers from all around the world and varied levels. They will be onboard with you for an extended periods, sometimes to a whole week. While it’s easy to build conversation as you have solid common ground (diving!) it can be hard to maintain good chemistry. If you happen to share a cabin with complete strangers, remember to always tidy up your belonging. Don’t let it dominates the communal space and take over the whole cabin. Share your enthusiast for diving in humble stories—don’t try to be the all knowing guy. And above of all, just enjoy the diving trip experience and let your happy vibe spread to others.