Diving for Dummy: What You Need to Prepare Before Taking Your First Dip

So, you have decided to leave your fear and put diving in your next trip to Bali. After all, who can resist the temptation to see directly clown fishes peeking from anemone, the ever-graceful Manta Ray “flying” in vast ocean, and other awesome marine life right before your eyes?

Diving for Dummy: What You Need to Prepare Before Taking Your First Dip

Yet, preparation could be overwhelming, especially for the rookie. Behold beginners, this is what you need to prepare if you have never been diving before.


Know your suit. Commonly, there are three types of suits that available at the market based on its thickness, ranging from 3mm, 5mm, to 7mm thick. If you are wondering what’s the difference, it’s the water you’re going to enter. The colder the water is, the thicker your wetsuit should be to protect you from the cold. In tropical climate such as Bali, however, the water is much more warmer. Your diving suit also need to be tight, but is still comfortable for moving.

Dive Mask

One of the most important gear you need to pay attention is, indeed, your dive mask. This is the instrument that will ensure your ability to keep breathing. Never take a dive mask that’s too loose for you. It should sit snuggly at your face so you can inhale properly.


Are you going to take photos of the underwater life? Most certainly you are, as an underwater exploration is quite a rare trip to have. Moreover, this is your first time seeing the wonderful aquatic life! However, know the depth of your diving location. Most underwater cameras could go up to 10 – 20 m, and beginner divers usually are just permitted to dive as deep as 10 – 15m with direct supervision.


Nobody likes getting sunburn. After busy preparing your diving kits, it’s easy to forget this little one. You gonna spend hours at open water, and be sure to slap enough sunscreen to your face to protect it from sun radiation.

Get used with the water

Even though some scuba diving center accepts a total novice—those who totally cannot swim—it’s still better to get your body used to the environment. Try to practice swimming pool before your appointment day. After all, you gonna spend a lot of time deep below the surface, so at least you can feel more secure during your first diving.

Your Health

Diving, just like swimming, burns a lot of calories. That’s why you need to prime up your body with enough healthy food and sleep before your first dive in the next day. Under any circumstances, do not get drunk before diving. Avoid alcohol, as it can dehydrate your body (and your body is going to need a lot of water when diving, so make sure you drink plenty of water before!)

Keep Your Mental On Check

It’s easy to get panic attack when you were forced to breathe differently, in a nature you are totally not familiar with. You might experience the urge to go up to the surface, but just don’t. You need to keep calm at any cost during underwater trip to avoid fatal mistakes. Whenever you feel nervous, just grab your instructor—s/he knows what to do.