The Ultimate Reasons Why You Should Try Diving in Bali

For most people, Bali is all about beaches, surfing, shopping exotic goods, walking under the sunny sky, or swimming during a hot day. Some adventurous folks may take further steps exploring hidden caves or rice terrace far from hot tourists hub. But have it crossed your mind about taking a journey deep under the land?

The Ultimate Reasons Why You Should Try Diving in Bali

The beauty of Bali stretched from craters of the majestic Mount Agung to the riverbed of its ocean. And this is the reason why you need to include diving in Bali your bucket list for your next holiday:

  1. Otherworldly Experience

Obviously, you are entering an another world once you jump from the boat. You are going to witness entirely different ecosystem, a world where most of its creatures are not breathing from lungs and air. Below the surface, everything is at bluish hue, with greatly diverse marine life in any colors you can imagine.

Diving is very different from walking on earth—it almost feels like flying. Under the sea, space fills all around you, above and below. You’ll get to places by moving your body instead of walking, feeling like you are almost weightless.

  1. Refreshment from A Crowded, Touristy Area

Diving is a very specific activity—not all people has diving in mind. Only true diving enthusiast or those who really want to give it a try will go for diving. While you went into diving spot, it might only be you and your instructor—or your travel group, within the vast blue ocean. You will be able to enjoy all the breathtaking beauty of the ocean, all the details of each corals, or take as many photos as you want (as long as your oxygen tank permits) in total liberty.

  1. A Chance to See What Others Cannot

Your furthest experience of seeing a Manta Ray or Big Turtle might only extend to Discovery Channels—or Finding Nemo. Here in Bali, you have the chance to see the marvelous Manta Ray crossing above you, swimming composedly. And your friends will only got to hear it from you.

  1. Watch How (Aquatic) Nature Take Over Giant Ship

A once majestic ship serving at World War II, USST Liberty, has turned into a home of thousands vibrant corals, variety of tropical reef fish, and great barrel sponges. After spending some decades sunken under the water, you will see how the sea quickly birthed a healthy coral garden within this wreck.

And this cool spot belongs to one of the easiest diving spot in Bali, it’s even highly recommended for beginner who just get to dive for the first time! In fact, this is the easiest wreck that you access as it sits in just shallow water.

  1. Take A Rare Trip to Underwater Temple

Rooting from its thick religious culture, Bali took Pura—temples—as one of its major icon, You might have visited the famous Uluwatu or Tanah Lot Temple, but have you seen the underwater one? At Pemuteran, you will get a very rare chance to swim among the religious statues and feel a very intense sense of tranquility that you might not able to feel up the land.

So, are you adventurous enough to take a dive in Bali?