Endangered Travel Destinations Around The World You Should Know

Overtourism and climate change are two major factors of some places to be in endangered category. Some of the most wonderful places around the world are on the verge of disappearing. Hence, it is important to start travel responsibly to preserve the environment and culture. There are many things you can do to practice green travel such as leaving no carbon footprints, keeping safe distance with wildlife, respecting the local cultures, and doing simple things that make big differences such as leaving no trash, using reusable travel items, supporting local community, etc. 

Machu Picchu

Endangered travel destinations around the world

Machu Picchu is one of the most visited travel destinations around the world and now on the verge of disappearing due to the overtourism. This wonderful archaeological site might not survive tourists. Many people come in large groups and leave trash behind on the Inca Trail. Some of them even vandalize the stones irresponsibly and disrespect marked trails. Many tourist ugly behaviors have damaged the site irrevocably. 

The Amazon is the core of the earth. This amazing rainforest has breathtaking and unimaginable biodiversity as well as indigenous communities. However, this place is also on the verge of disappearing sooner than later due to deforestation. Amazon is the lungs of the world and we cannot even imagine what would the world like if it’s truly disappeared just for the sake of cattle ranching and mining. Threatening the Amazon means threatening the health of the entire earth. 

Antarctica is often at the top of travelers’ bucket list. This might be one of the most remote place on earth but many people want to visit it once in their lifetime at least. Just like the Amazon, Antarctica plays such a major role in our life. Climate change has affected Antarctica badly and caused the ice melted at an alarming rate. Added with human carbon footprint, this place is at the verge of disappearing which in return lead to deathly imbalance on earth. 

Borneo is often called the Amazon of Asia. This rainforest also has such an unimaginable biodiversity. However, it is also on the edge of disappearing due to illegal logging and palm oil plantations. The forest has been reduced by a third. You can help by contributing to the community who is giving their best effort to conserve the forest through various supports. Visiting Borneo is still allowed but if you plan to do it, make sure to visit with more care and responsibility. Leave no carbon footprint and be mindful with the wildlife. 

The Alps is one of the greatest things we have on earth. However, global warming has put this majestic Alps to be on the edge of disappearing. The victim of global warming are the ice caps of the Alps. The rising temperature has caused the ice throughout this European mountain range melted. The people in the town are trying their best to preserve their livelihood but the way they do it doesn’t solve the root of the issues.