Labuan Bajo Safe Trip 2021 With A Premium Yacht

2020-2021 is a difficult period for the tourism industry. The Covid pandemic that has spread around the world is the biggest barrier to travel. Currently, all countries are preparing to fight against Covid and distribute vaccines so that economic activity can resume stretching out. International traveling has not yet been reopened at this time, but to travel locally, of course, there is still a possibility with the condition that you have to do a covid test or have been vaccinated. Flores and its surroundings, Komodo Island, or doing a Labuan Bajo trip offer an impressive and unforgettable experience. Of course, travel must be safe and in accordance with health protocols.

Labuan Bajo Safe Trip 2021 With A Premium Yacht

Labuan Bajo Trip & Exploring Around

Komodo, one of the entries that you must visit when doing the Labuan Bajo trip. This spot is already global and has even become one of the Komodo National Park areas managed by the Government. But Komodo Island is not the only enchanting spot. There are many more spots in Labuan Bajo and its surroundings that you must visit.

Cunca Rami Waterfall

Called as a hidden paradise in Labuan Bajo. Cunca means waterfall, rami means forest. The fact is that Cunca rami waterfall is indeed in the forest. The distance from Cunca Rami from Labuan Bajo is approximately 30 kilometers. When using a rental car, you can reach the location in approximately 1 hour.

Rongko Cave, Private Swimming Pool in NTT

From Labuan Bajo, you can reach Goa Rongko with a 1-hour trip. You will feel the freshness of the water and serenity. The water in Goa Rongko is saltwater that comes from seawater. Rongko Cave is one of the destinations visit by many local residents. So don’t be surprised if this spot is very busy. When you look at the top of Rongko Cave, you will see beautiful stalactite ornaments with various irregular shapes. The best time to visit Rongko Cave is 12-14 noon, when the sun enters and provides light in the cave.

Kampung Adat Todo

When you look at the houses of the inhabitants of the Toso traditional village, at a glance it is similar to Wae Rebo Village. Todo traditional village can be reached 3 hours drive by land and is easier to reach than Wae Rebo. To enter a traditional village, tourists must register and pay 45,000. Tourists are required to wear complete traditional clothing. For women must wear a headband, and men use a head covering or cap.

Magia 2 yacht | Hello Flores

How to explore Labuan Bajo trip safely in 2021?

Vacationing during the Pandemic will be very different because you have to travel safely. One option that is currently in great demand is on board or using a phinisi ship. Security and cleanliness are guaranteed because you will sleep and have activities on the ship. You will be well guided when exploring various spots. Several boat options for Labuan Bajo trips such as Aliikai liveaboard, Magia 2 yacht to Splendor liveaboard, offer vacation privileges for 3-5 days.