Help Your Houseplant Make It Through When You Are Travelling

Houseplant can be your lovely friends. They are not more than just your house decoration. They are your companion that always welcome you home. However, taking them when you have to travel is not ideal. Leaving them probably cause them dead when you return from your trip. Therefore, it is important to know how you can keep them alive while you are travelling around the world. 

Keep your houseplant alive while you are travelling around

First thing first, it is important to choose the right plants from the start. It is not only about getting fancy houseplant. It is about searching for something you need. If you cannot commit to keep houseplants that need high-maintenance and don’t choose them. Opt for low-maintenance plants that can withstand waterless for a month. You can opt for succulents of cacti family. 

Then, choose the right soil. It is best to choose soil with coconut fibers or peat moss. This kind of soil is more ideal for houseplant that often neglected by frequently travelling owners. This soil will stay in medium-moist for longer period due to the mixed-in moss and coconut fibers. Also, it is important to choose the right pot. Always opt for pot that is ideal for the type pf the plants you own. Specific pot for specific plants is the most ideal. 

Keep the maintenance of your houseplant because well-maintained plants can better withstand neglect. Watering, feedings, trimming off your plants on regular basis is necessary as they are part of needed maintenance to keep. Also, it is important to find the perfect spot to put your plants. Factors such as how much the sunlight that the plants receive is significant to their longevity. 

Before you leave your home, move and group your plants because excessive light and wind can make your plants thirstier. Move them away from source of heat and wind such as AC, radiator, south-facing windows, etc. Group your plant together near windows that provide indirect sunlight instead. This way, your plants have higher possibility to withstand neglect. 

Opt for self-watering techniques you can apply for your plants. You may consider slow-release watering using sandwich bag. It is ideal to be implemented during brief absences. Fill the sandwich bag with water and prick it with the needle to make the tiniest hole. Then, lay the bag on the plant’s soil bed. Make sure the hole is facing downward. 

Another self-watering technique you can adopt to keep your plant alive while you are away is slow-release watering with wine bottle. If you don’t have wine bottle, any bottle with a long neck will do. Rinse the bottle and fill it with water. Then, drive its neck into the soil of your plant. To control the amount of water to trickle, you can use a wine bottle with a screw top that you have made a hole through. Or, you can simply toss a few pebbles into the bottle. This way, you prevent the risk of over-watering.