Exploring Asia Through Road Trips

Asia is a spectacular place to explore. There are so many beautiful countries ready to indulge your adventurous spirit. One of the best ways to explore Asia is through road trips. Asia also have many amazing roads which fun to drive. Not to mention that every road has their own story and history. This continent is interesting and gorgeous to explore behind the wheel. If you consider a road trip for your next travel plan, Asia is a great destination. 

Best places for road trips in Asia

Since Asia is a very large continent, here are some of the most recommended places you can explore through road trips.

Hokkaido Scenic Byway, Japan

Exploring Asia Through Road Trips

Hokkaido is located in Japan and one of the four main islands in the country. It has stunning scenery which makes it perfect for a road trip. It is highly recommended to try road trip through Hokkaido Scenic Byway. There is a series of routes ready for you to explore with their beautiful views. Impressive coastal and mountain views are there throughout the routes. They are stunning and breathtaking. It is also also recommended to roll down the windows so you can smell the fragrant of lavender fields through the winds. It is much better if you can stop by one of the hot springs. 

Taihang Mountain

Taihang Mountain is located in China and highly recommended for a road trip. The mountain itself is located in a remote part of the country. The most interesting part about having a road trip in this place is because you get to drive through the tunnel roads inside the cliffs built by the locals. You can see amazing views from the windows of the routes. The mountain scenery is also breathtaking to see. There are two tunnels connected by the road which will take you through the Taihang Mountain. The drive is only 60 km long but the experience is truly remarkable. 

Karakoram Highway

Exploring Asia Through Road Trips

The Karakoram Highway is considered to be the highest road in the world. This place has drawn attention from international travelers. The road is perfect both for car drive or motorbike ride. The road trip over Himalayas is a perfect adventure to try. The roads connecting China and Pakistan with beautiful scenery. There are views of stunning lakes and beautiful mountain along the road you get to enjoy. The road itself is considered the highest because it rises to higher than 15,000 feet. Therefore, it is highly suggested for travelers or visitors to be cautious of possible altitude sickness. Make sure to condition yourself before hitting the road. 


Samarkand is a city offering historic and stunning roads to drive through. This city is located in Uzbekistan. The city of Samarkand itself is historic and remarkable. There is Silk Road route to Samarkand that is perfect for a road trip. You can stop by some historic places as well such as the historic ruins of the Rabati Malik inn. Once you arrive in the city, you can visit other interesting historical places such as the Ulugbek observatory and Registan Square.