Picking Your Suitable Boat for Komodo Boat Trip

Say you are ready for your journey in Komodo, and already contact a charter for your exciting Komodo boat trip. And then they will give you plenty of boat options, which will make you overwhelmed on which to choose. Boat charter in Komodo is a rapid-growing business, which means each of them has plenty of boats with different themes and qualities to appeal to everyone who wants to go on a trip.

Picking Your Suitable Boat for Komodo Boat Trip

Komodo Boat Trip Dilemma

With the number of people interested to join a liveaboard keep increasing each year, boat charters have to keep up with the growing demand. That’s why they keep making new boats, not only for adding more varieties for their ship rosters but also to be able to accommodate more people.

The increasing number of Komodo boat trip options is actually a great thing, but sometimes people can end up confused about which ship is suitable to choose for their trip especially if it’s their first time. With that in mind, here are some factors that may help you choose your best boat for liveaboard.

How many are you?

First off, list how many people are going to come with you on the trip. If you are going alone or as a couple it is wise to join an open group trip so you can meet with other travelers to make friends along the way. Choosing the small cruise that only fits about 5-6 people can be a good idea to avoid more noise.

If you go with a large group, like with your family or friends picking a large yacht is obvious. Choose the type of yacht that is spacious, and have lots of seating on decks for gathering. Getting a private tour is also recommended if you want to have a quality time with your companions.

How long is your trip?

Picking Your Suitable Boat for Komodo Boat Trip

Depending on the length of your Komodo boat trip, you can choose whether to go with a luxurious boat or standard boat. If your trip only around 1 to 3 days, choosing a standard boat that doesn’t cost too much may be a good idea considering that you are barely going to spend your time on the boat, let alone your room.

But if you do plan on going for a long trip, like a week or more you can consider renting a luxurious boat instead. A long trip can be really exhausting, and with deluxe facilities that the boat provided, you can ease your tension and relax a bit better.

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What is Your Favorite Design?

The variety of boats also featured so many different designs based on either classic Indonesian or modern Western. You can check the boat profile on the charter site to find out more, and pick which one of them that suits your preference. A classic Indonesian design usually featured the authentic Phinisi look from the original Sulawesi tribe handmade.

Meanwhile the modern Western mostly comes from the mind of the foreign designer to apply a ship design from their country to the Indonesian boat. There are also some fusion designs that combine the two, giving the boat a unique appearance.


Based on that factor, you can pretty much decide which boat is suitable to rent for your trip. Joining the Komodo boat trip is fun, but your experience can be better if you board the boat that you prefer as your travel companion.