Popular Activities in Komodo Island Flores

Komodo island as a travel destination is on a league of its own. The Komodo National Park comprised of several islands that make up a magnificent archipelagic scene. One of the most favored means of exploration is through a cruise trip that would let anyone appreciate the majestic seas of Flores in its entirety. But whatever means you prefer, Flores and the Komodo National Park have a little bit of everything for everyone. What are some of the most popular todos in Komodo island? 

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Travel to Komodo Island to see the Komodo dragons 

Home to the ancient creatures, one of the oldest in the world, and the closest thing we have to a dinosaur, the Komodo island is one of the most unforgettable experiences you’ll have. The Komodo National Park itself is made up of three largest islands with its surrounding tiny islands. The main ones are Padar, Komodo, and Rinca. 

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If sighting the Komodo dragons is your top priority then, make sure that you also visit Rinca Island. The island has a denser population of the dragons compared to Komodo, which makes your chance of sighting them almost a guarantee. Rinca is usually also included in a Komodo tour package or a cruise, but you still need to make sure with your tour provider. 

Komodo island diving 

One of the main draws of Komodo island as a destination is definitely the amazing diving experience it offers. To many, travel to Komodo island would not be complete without having a go at diving, or at least, snorkeling. How to get to Komodo island for a maximum diving experience? If diving is truly your priority when you’re going traveling to the Komodo National Park, then we suggest to go with a cruise instead of a resort. A diving cruise or a diving liveaboard will let you reach the areas you wouldn’t be able to reach on a day trip otherwise. 

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Enjoy the astonishing diversity of flora and fauna

The myriad of flora and fauna that will greet you on Komodo and surrounding islands is an experience in and of itself. While the terrestrial biodiversity does not compare to the astonishing marine biodiversity, the areas are vital to conservation efforts, and quite a number of species are endemic. 

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Trekking and hiking in Komodo island 

Hike up early in the morning to catch the sunrise; or sunset, whichever you prefer. Trekking during the mid-morning is also an excellent idea as you’ll get to experience the stunning landscape of savannah, rolling hills, surrounded by deep blue oceans, all in its full glory.

Trekking in Komodo island and the Komodo National Park will expose you to several endemic flora and fauna. Certain birds are also of Australian origin, such as the sulphur crested cockatoo. Asian endemic fauna includes the wild boar, Timor deer, and the civets.  

Visit the pink beach

padar island pink beach komodo

Padar Island that’s a part of the Komodo National Park, is home to not just one, but several different colored beaches. Padar island is the largest islands that make up the Komodo National Park. Once you’ve hiked up the Padar island for the sunrise, go down for a downtime at the beach.