Outdoor Activities To Do In Malta

It is good to let your body went for outdoor activities every once in awhile. It is good for your health in general especially when you daily basis is trapped in four walls. You can do fun, exciting outdoor activities during a vacation as well. Malta is a great travel destination for those who love outdoor activities. The island of Malta offers natural beauty you can see from any angle. Not to mention that this place also offers tranquility to make you feel more relaxed during your visit. Thus, you can consider Malta as your next travel destination in your list. 

Recommended outdoor activities when you are in Malta

Most of people who visit Malta are into architecture. You see, this island has classic vibe along with natural charm which makes it popular travel destination. The streets are meant to be explored because you can find many doors and windows in unique colors and shapes. It’s great spot for photography. The island of Malta also has other beautiful places to explore through outdoor activities. One of them is Gozo Island. 

During your visit in Malta, make sure to pay a visit as well to its smaller sister island, Gozo. It is not far from the center of Malta. You can ride a ferry to reach the island of Gozo. It only takes about 25 minutes. Throughout the ride, you will be welcomed with the magnificent beauty of the clear sky from above and clear waters from below. To mention that the surrounding of the island is just as stunning. 

Arrived at the island, you can do various activities. Most recommended one is diving to explore the underwater. The visibility is 30 meters and the temperature is about 18 degrees Celsius. Basically, Malta has perfect weather for diving all year round. The ocean is beautiful and ready to be explored. There are various diving sites you can explore in the underwater.

If you are not into water sport, you can also try a boat ride to see the amazing coastline. You can rent a boat to have a quick trip in relatively cheap cost. It costs about 4 Euro to let you ride a boat in 15 minutes trip through the cave and around the rocks. It can be thrilling if you are not used to it. However, it will be worth it especially because the location of boat ride is in Dwerja Bay, the filming location of Game of Thrones. 

Biking is definitively recommended when you are in Gozo Island. This place has rugged landscape which is perfect to be explored by cycling. There are three hills you can pass through as well. Thus, you should make sure to be in fit condition. Bring your own bottled water and and wear proper shoes if you plan to do this. You can also try hiking to truly enjoy the beauty of the island. There are tracks and lanes available for hikers in the island. Make sure to prepare your fitness before deciding to do it.