Going for A Bali Scuba Dive? Try These 3 Different Diving Experience!

Diving is awesome. Nobody could deny that. Going for Bali scuba dive? Downright awesome. Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Bali is yet another paradise for underwater safaris in Indonesia archipelago. However, if you are looking for another diving experience, Bali has these three options for you.

Wreck Dive

If you are into wreck diving, you might want to put Tulamben as your no. 1 diving destination. At this site lies the enormous, 120 USAT Liberty, sunk due to a bombing at World War II. Sits in the shallow water, only 20 meters from the surface, it might be the easiest wreck dive in the world. What makes Bali dive at Tulamben so special is that it offers a different experience for all level of divers. Beginners can admire its beauty at just 10-15 meter depth, but more advanced divers can explore the diversity of the marine life at this artificial reefs down to 10 meters and more.

Muck Bali Scuba Dive

To spent a completely unusual your diving holiday, go for muck diving at Secret Bay, Gilimanuk, a short strait which separates Bali from Java. This black sand shallow strait might not be largely inhabited by the colorful corals, but it offers another level of  Bali diving; a muck diving. Secret Bay is rich in nutrients, which is necessary for marine life to bloom. The water is as shallow as 8 – 15 meter and quite cold, around 20 – 25 C, where a lot of rare marine creatures live healthily. Muck diving at Secret Bay will show you various sea moths, the exceptional ghost pipefish, Banzai cardinalfish, leaf cardinalfish, vibrant nudibranchs, and a lot more macro life that will make marine biologists and photographer leap in joy. Try this kind of dive Bali if you want a unique experience.

Drift Dives

For experienced divers looking for some adrenaline, drift diving is totally for you. Noted that this kind of scuba Bali dive is reserved for high skilled divers only, as strong currents can be very dangerous for inexperienced beginners who don’t have enough knowledge of currents behavior. Drift diving invites you to swim with the currents, literally drifting within the blue sea. You will be advised to not fight the currents, and by that, you’ll save a lot of air as well. If you do it right, drift diving will give you a very relaxing diving experience.

Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan are famous for their drift diving sites, as well as being the great scuba dive Bali sites to spots the iconic Manta Rays and Mola Mola (Oceanic Sunfish). It’s an awesome Bali scuba dive to experience at least once for a lifetime.