Want Something More Adventurous in Bali? Go Camping!

When you go to Bali, it’s almost mandatory to go to one of its stunning beaches. You may have done some clothes and knick-knacks shopping, you have visited its religious and natural attraction, you may even have went to one of the clubs to have a party. But have you tried camping?

Camping in Bali might sound ludicrous for some, especially when Bali itself conjures images of spa hotels, sumptuous villa, and overall body and mind pampering. However, going off to the beaten path can be a very rewarding experience. You gotta feel how it’s like to get in touch with the unspoiled beauty of the island. Bali has a lot to offer more than it’s touristy spots, and only the adventurous one can really experience it.

Exposed to the grandeur nature, camping offers an exceptional intimacy that a hotel stay might not able to give. Sleeping under the tent draws friends, family, or special one closer together. Grilling sausage barbecue on a campfire, sharing stories under the enclosed tent, and lying under the clear sky, watching the twinkling stars definitely bring magic to your holiday.

Where to Set Your Tent Up?

Bali has many different terrains to explore, as long as the soil/ sand is dense enough to stick the tent poles. From mountain to beaches, the ground is all for you to explore. if you want to wake up in cool air between the trees, then go up to the mountain. Mount Agung and Mount Batur are great as the offer superb view in the morning, where you can see all the whole island under the graceful first night in the morning. Mount Agung has two camp side, where you can find fellow campers and make friends between campfires.  These two mountains are arguably the best, but the trek can be exhausting for beginners.

Gunung Abang can be alternative for those who are adventurous at heart but are not matched in energy and skills. This 3rd highest volcano in the island and the easiest one to climb. The convenient path allows you to climb it up in less than three hours, before choosing camping site. The popular site is on the summit, where a holy temple sits grandly. If you are still feeling energetic, you can continue trekking up to Mount Batur in the next day.

For those who want to get a hybrid experience of camping on the mountain with a taste of the sea, then Bukit Asah should be your camping list. The hill (Bukit) is a flat cliff right by the shore. Set your camp here and you will be surrounded by the lush green of the hill and coastal view over your door. This cliffside camping is just definition of finding tranquility in wild.

However, beach camping is just essential for beach lovers, and Bali is just the right place to have one. It’s best to avoid tourists hub beaches such as Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, or Sanur, and go to remote beaches. For the best beach camp, opt for the secluded Nyang Nyang beach in Uluwatu, where you can enjoy sounds of the waves for yourself, without much disturbance. Lots of woods scattered along the coastline for your night bonfire, while the clean sand and calm sea are ready to spoil your day.

Have a great camp!