Great Dive Sites Bali Along The Indian Ocean

Many divers of the world come to Bali to witness the amazing natural underwater aquarium. Bali is given the advantages and charms with the many dive sites found with thousands of species of rare fish. Underwater sites relics of world war 2 also found many along the coast in Bali. No wonder if many of the best deals to enjoy the dive spots from dive centers in Bali.

Dive Sites Bali

The best dive sites in Bali offer the world’s attention and compete with other world diving spots. In fact, Bali is able to enter in the world ranking of the best destinations to dive. When it comes the wave of a trend to dive, then Bali is the one you should visit.

Dune Atlantis is one of the most trusted dive sites centers in Bali, offering you the convenience to enjoy the best diving spots in Bali. Not only reliable in terms of safety of the divers but also reliable because it has experienced and certified instructors PADI. Visiting dive sites Bali with Dune Atlantis is the best diving vacation ever!

Dune Atlantis offers perfect dive sites in Bali for divers to see rare species such as the Mola-Mola, Pari Manta, and exploring the wreck of World War II vessels. Let’s see where the dive centers take us to explore and surprise under the sea.


For your first time diving in Bali, Tulamben can be the start of experience exploring your spot dive in Bali. Many of them do snorkeling in Tulamben because the sea is calm. You will be taken dive and see the USAT Liberty that sank because in torpedoes. You will be taken also to observe fish and coral species.


Amed can be reached 2.5 hours from Denpasar area. Sending postcards from under the sea? Is it possible? Dive sites Bali make something impossible one becomes possible. You can put waterproof postcards under the sea and will be taken by the responsible party of Coral Ree Alliance, a marine conservation organization.

Nusa Penida

In Nusa Penida, you will be invited to interact more closely with the unique and large marine life such as mola-mola and manta rays. All you have to know before diving and watching giant species are advised not to swim behind the mola-mola and manta rays. Why? Both related species have no manta rays like humans. They tend to be surprised by the strange presence behind them. The safe distance to dive with mola-mola and manta rays is 3 meters.

Dive Atlantis offers the best package deals on dive sites Bali for your most recent experience sending waterproof postcards under the sea! The best instructors who are able to make quick decisions under the sea while driving divers. There are many other dive sites in Bali that can be explored and worth visiting.