Things To Know When Traveling To India – Part 1

India, one of the exotic destinations full of color and culture. This is the shadow of the traveler who wants to explore India, either backpacker or not a backpacker. The fact? What to know about India before you plan a vacation?

Taj Mahal became one of the most important destinations in India. Most people say you are not complete if you do not visit Taj Mahal when traveling to India. In fact, India is not as beautiful and safe as our dreams. There are many other sides of India that are not visible if we are not traveling and exploring India. The important thing you should consider when adventure to India.

How To Avoid Sick In India

Observing what can or should not be eaten is important. Adaptation of food in your home country and in India is necessary. This is to prevent any illness. Some guides from some travelers traveling to India should eat fresh and cooked foods to prevent bacteria or parasites.

Avoid buying food on the road so you are not exposed to E.coli bacteria, due to the lack of safety and cleanliness of street food in India. For those of you who are not spicy food enthusiasts, should avoid.

Eating by hand is one of the traditions in India, and hands are one of the parts you obviously know in dirty or clean. Enjoying the food by hand may give you a sensation and a new experience for you. Always use hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean.


Always keep drinking from sealed bottles. Keep in mind that most tap water in India is contaminated by pollutants and amoeba. Find reliable and safe packaging beverage information. If you want to buy fresh drinks, the original water from the tree is the best. Also avoid ice blocks in your drink, because ice blocks are usually made of water with poor quality.

How To Avoid Scam?

ever accept any gift of someone before making sure it is really a gift because you will be hit with an expensive bill. If you meet many beggars on the streets of India, the most important thing is to never give anything to a beggar. Be wary of drivers in India, because they are famous for their dishonesty and try to take advantage of many of the tourists.

How Ethical in Hindu temples?

Do not leave your sandals or shoes in the Temple for allowing someone to take them. Make sure you have a dime for donations at the temple. If you need a guide at the temple, then you can get it at the temple office. this will be safer than you are looking a guide from outside temple.