How to Get the Most Unforgettable Weekend Getaway

Long trip is exciting but it cost a lot. You need also more thorough preparation which takes your precious time. Thus, having a weekend getaway is not a bad idea at all. You can still chill and have fun just by spending your entire weekend for vacation. This can be said as short trip but specified to be done in weekend when you have free time without neglecting your responsibility or any duty at school or work. Even though the time is short and limited, you still can make the most of your time to its finest. Quality is what you are seeking for in weekend getaway. That is why, you need the best plan to make this short break worth it.

Weekend getaway tips

Weekend trip is not boring thing to do if you know what you want and where to go. This can even be a great stress reliever so you can back to your old duty when Monday comes. Here are what you need to do to make your weekend trip more memorable and fun:

  • Decide whom you are going to bring. You need to decide whether you are going for a vacation alone or ask your friends for company. If you want some time alone, you can do short solo travelling for your weekend getaway. However, it means you need to decide everything alone started from deciding destination to preparing all necessities.
  • Next is to decide destination based on your interest. It is easy to find some recommendation since you can search it online. However, make sure that you choose destination that meets your want not only because good review or rating. It is recommended to choose weekend getaway destination which is not too far from your home because this is a short vacation. You don’t want to spend the majority of your time on the road.
  • Pack your favorite snacks in your bag because you will really need them later when you enjoy your time. Sometimes, there is a moment when you don’t want to lose any seconds just to go grab dinner in a restaurant. Thus, your snacks can be your life savior when that moment comes. You still can enjoy your time without skipping your meals.
  • Don’t let notification disturb your precious time during your short vacation. It is better to set your phone in airplane mode so you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Remember that you are seeking for quality time and phone is the number one enemy to ruin it. You can check your emails or notifications later when you are going to rest.
  • Pack only necessary things in your luggage. Since it is a short vacation anyway, you won’t need to pack many clothes or other things. Keep your luggage simple and light so you won’t be burdened by it. Bringing heavy luggage will only put you in distress and your weekend getaway will be just a mess. The quality time you are looking for will be wasted to dragging luggage.