Tops Bali Markets To Visit

Although Bali is popular with high-end malls with international brand products, Bali remains a favorite as a place to shop. Local, cheap and quality goods such as souvenirs, paintings, including basic items. Traditional Bali markets can be cool places for cheap shopping. You can save 50% compared to shopping at special souvenir shops. For those of you who love art, you can shop as much as you want at a fair price.

bali markets

Surfing the internet looking for a Bali markets recommendation makes it easy for you to plan. Here are some traditional Bali local market recommendations that you can visit for cheap and comfortable shopping.

Badung Market

This traditional market is open 24 hours. In the morning, you can get lots of traditional Balinese food. Tasting traditional food creates its own taste. You can try pork satay, tipat catok, seaweed, and other snacks. By noon you can go to the 2nd floor and find Balinese souvenirs. Starting with Barong shirts, key chains to art items. Don’t hesitate to bid! You must have the bargaining skill to get a low price. If necessary, you bid 1/2 the price given by the seller. This is the biggest and most complete Bali market. Running late at night, the bustle of fish sellers began to appear. Even though it is open 24 hours, the souvenir sellers only open at noon until evening.

Sukawati, Art Bali Market

Art lovers must visit Bali Markets Sukawati. Sukawati art market is the largest and most enduring art market in Bali. This market attracts the attention of buyers every day. In fact, some traders export goods abroad. This is the best market for you to find accessories, handicrafts, and other art items.

Kuta Market

If your vacation time is limited to looking for souvenirs, don’t worry. Kuta market can be an option for you to look for souvenirs. Kuta art market is open from 7 am to 8 pm. You can take your time from Kuta beach to see and shop for souvenirs. Don’t forget to bargain to get a cheap price.

Candi Kuning Market

Traditional markets located in the Bedugul area sell fruits and vegetables as well as crops from the cool Bedugul area. Being in a high area, making fruits and vegetables thrives. Travelers can choose from the variety of fruits and vegetables that are arranged beautifully. The neat arrangement of fruits and vegetables compared to other traditional markets can be perfect photographic objects.

Visiting Bali markets is the best way to feel, hear and be close to Balinese culture. The Ubud art market can be a recommendation for you to look for unique items.