Find Out the Symptoms and Ways to Avoid Travel Fatigue

It is exciting to have long travel to your desired place especially when it is in your bucket list. However, you may suffer from travel fatigue. Long term travel makes the risk of having travel fatigue higher. On the first few days you may still feeling giddy and excited to visit one attraction to another. When it passes a week or more, your body will start showing the symptoms such as restless, sleepy, or fatigue easily. It is unavoidable to rest when you start showing the symptoms of severe fatigue because you cannot force your body to do more than its capacity.

avoid travel fatique

Symptoms of travel fatigue

Here are the symptoms of travel fatigue you want to avoid during your dream journey:

  • Lose interest of the attraction you visit. In the beginning of the journey you will still feeling excited to see lots of attraction. However, you will lose the excitement when your fatigue starts to come. It may come to the extent when you are not even interested to see the most sought tourist attraction that you can only get the chance once in a lifetime.
  • You start feeling sick of eating local foods. When you are still in high spirit and your body is still fit, you feel curious to taste all local foods. When the fatigue comes, you start lose your appetite and go to fast food stale more often.
  • Next symptom of travel fatigue is you don’t care about your budget anymore. You start throwing your credit card here and there without thinking of the consequences of losing lots of money.

How to avoid travel fatigue

If you start experiencing the symptoms of travel fatigue as mentioned before, you need to know the ways to avoid having such condition because it can ruin your travel mood. So here are some tips to avoid them:

  • Don’t be rush. Slow down your pace while you are having a long travel. Moving at rapid pace will make you easily fatigue instead. For example, you stop your walking tour for a while to snap some pictures, visiting local shops, etc.
  • Bring something that will help out more relax on your trip such as your favorite music list to listen, lavender spray, or take a bath with your favorite bath bomb. Those will help your body to relax and gain more energy to continue the trip without dealing with fatigue.
  • Don’t lose healthy lifestyle even when you are on a trip. Healthy lifestyle includes healthy body and mind. Eat nutritious foods and have enough sleep. Have some workout routines will be helpful to avoid fatigue.
  • Don’t be too strict to your body and mind. If your body is exhausted, take a rest and slowing down. If you are bored with the travel plan, do what you want to do outside the schedule so you can find something interesting. Feeling guilty of not following your travel plan can be the cause of travel fatigue because your mind becomes restless.