How To Make Your Travel Journal More Memorable

How To Make Your Travel Journal More Memorable

Travelling can be a memorable and invaluable experience. It can be life-changing as well because you see and experience so many new things that can be your life lessons. It is common for travelers to try to immortalize their travel experience in various ways. Some prefer taking pictures to keep the memory about travel alive. Some others like collecting travel memorabilia such as tickets, stamps, etc. However, another interesting way to keep the memory of your travel is writing a journal or travel diary. 

Keeping your travel journal more memorable and interesting

Writing a travel journal may sound time-consuming but it is not really in reality. You won’t have to keep writing throughout your travel journey. In fact, it may only take few minutes to scrabble down something memorable from your journey in a journal. And here are some tips to make your journal more memorable and interesting even if you don’t have the so-called ‘writing skill’ like professional:

Use pen and paper

It can be more interesting to do write your travel journal in an old-fashioned way. It creates body and mind connection immediately. You can pick your own ‘perfect’ pen and notebook to write your travel journal. Pick your ideal size, color, type, and everything based on your personal preference. 

Keeping your travel journal more memorable and interesting

Decide when and where to write

You may start writing before the trip begins and describe about your plan, expectations, etc. Then, you can create a schedule to write during the trip. It can be every night after returning from your exploration, or any other time you find the most comfortable to write. You can write in your hotel room, cafe, public library, or even in the park. 

Put the time and location more precisely

It will be more memorable if you include exact day, date, and location in your writing. It will help you a lot when you want to find an entry back in the annals of your story. You can even put more details such as tickets, photos, little sticky notes, etc. 

Observe more

Try to slow down your pace so you can notice more things along the way. You can notice everything from architecture to wildlife in details. You can even describe your own impression about the local dish you tried for lunch in your journal. What kind of taste you feel, what moods you experience while enjoying the food, or what it reminds you of. 

Write about the people you meet

You probably meet with different kind of people throughout your trip. Write your experience of meeting them in your journal. Describe your impression and what lessons you gain from meeting each people you find the most memorable. 

Describe your emotions and moods

You may experience different moods throughout the trip. Try to describe them more in your journal. Treat your journal as a safe place for you to let out all your emotions, be it positive or negative. Describe your mood and if possible, the reason behind it to give more context when you read it later.