How To Sleep Comfortably In Your Car When Travelling

There are many options you can choose when it comes to travel accommodation. You may choose to book a hotel room, hostel, or even choose to sleep in your own car. For this, you need to be aware of the consequences that may come. For example, booking a hotel room means you are going to rest rather comfortably with variety of amenities. Meanwhile, choosing to sleep in your car means more discomfort you probably experience. It may also put your safety at risk. 

How To Sleep Comfortably In Your Car When Travelling

Can you choose to sleep in car when travelling?

You can opt to sleep in your own car when travelling if it is what you prefer. There are also benefits of sleeping in your own car. The most obvious benefits is save your money. By sleeping in your car, you cut down accommodation fee. You can use the money for buying gas to travel more, or buying tickets to cultural events. Other benefits is freedom. You get to choose where to park your car and have your nice little rest. Here are several ways you can sleep in your own car comfortably during a trip:

Pack your car with essentials

Pack a bunch of sleeping essentials that will help you rest more comfortably such as warm wool blanket, comfortable clothes, sleeping bag or sleeping pad, bottled water, foods and snacks, pocket knife, towel, wool hat, gloves, small tool kit, eye mask, and lighter. These may sound a lot for just sleeping in a car but you might be surprised at how you are going to need them for the trip. 

Keep everything organized

Just because it is your own car doesn’t mean you can just let everything scattered everywhere. Since you have lots of things in your car, keep everything organized so you can save time looking for items when you need them. You can sue organizers as well to keep everything int he right place. 

Opt for safe, free place to park

Your safety should be your priority because you are going to be more vulnerable sleeping in the open even if you are in your own car. Don’t just pull over anywhere. Instead, look for signs that say you are allowed there. You may opt for parking lots of major chain stores or religious building since they are relatively safer place to park at. 

Keep your privacy and lock your door

You don’t want to wake up with someone peeking inside or try to sleep but what you see is dark surroundings that looks eerie. Hence, always keep your privacy by blocking the side that faces human or automobile traffic.

Ventilation and comfort

For better ventilation, you can buy window screen and wedge it around the opening of the sunroof. It let los ventilation while keeping the bugs away. Also, make yourself as comfy as possible for sleeping by using a pillow to support your neck and head. You may also fold down the back seats to allow more space for your body to stretch out more comfortably.