Komodo Sailing Trip (Labuan Bajo, Indonesia) With Navila Liveaboard

Deciding to travel to Flores across the blue sea with exotic islands, you have to rent a liveaboard. Komodo sailing trip takes you to enjoy the warmth of the sun on a phinisi ship. Komodo liveaboard offers a unique and enjoyable holiday experience where you will stay on board throughout the cruise. One of the phinisi Navila liveaboard boats offers sailing holidays around the remote islands and harbors of Labuan Bajo. Learn, feel, understand, taste, and touch new things while building the adventurous spirit within you.

Komodo Sailing Trip (Labuan Bajo, Indonesia) With Navila Liveaboard - deck area

Labuan Bajo port, gateway to start your Komodo sailing trip

You will see the bustle of the Labuan Bajo port when you arrive there with rows of phinisi docked. Arriving in Labuan Bajo, you can enjoy the atmosphere of a fishing village that is now more focused on being a stopover for ships that will sail. 

Komodo sailing trip with Navila liveaboard with a passenger of 12 people, and the length of the ship is 28 meters. Navila liveaboard is highly recommended if you go with a group. 6 en-suite cabins with ac, 3 outdoor relaxing areas, indoor dining area with ac, and equipped with snorkel gear. 

The fun thing is that you can enjoy the sunset and views of the islands and islands of Labuan Bajo which have 2 beautiful contrasting colors on the deck. During the dry season, the islands and hills look yellow, and during the rainy season, the surrounding scenery looks green.

Snorkeling is an activity that is awaited by tourists. You can see the stunning underwater beauty. The advantage of the Komodo sailing trip is that you can save time to reach many islands and enjoy the amazing underwater scenery.

Luxury liveaboard Komodo destination

Visiting Komodo national park

Komodo Island is an island where the original habitat of ancient animals is a world tourism icon. On the island of Komodo you can do trekking and see ancient animals along the way. Rangers will guide your trekking journey and help protect you from Komodo dragons who can suddenly become aggressive.

Kelor island

You can capture the beauty of Labuan Bajo by climbing to each hill. On Kelor island you will be invited to climb the hill. Kelor Island is indeed uninhabited but is one of the destinations in Labuan Bajo that must be included in your travel list.

You can also snorkel and see coral reefs and various colorful fish. Considering that Navila liveaboard does not provide diving equipment, for those of you diving lovers, you can bring your own diving equipment. Kelor Island is very suitable for free diving activities because the waves on this beach are quite calm and not dangerous.

Padar island

This island is included in the 3 largest islands in Labuan Bajo. Padar Island has a dry climate with views of shrubs and grassland trees that create a beautiful savanna. This island is one of the exotic islands in Indonesia that you must visit.

Rinca Island

The island is located off the coast of Padar island with no less enchanting views. Rinca Island is different from Kelor Island because it has supporting facilities for tourists such as homestays, stalls, and public toilets. You can do trekking activities with routes that vary from short to long routes.