Less Crowded Cities around the World for Peaceful Travel

There are millions travelers travelling around the world each day. No wonder that there are more popular travel destinations than others over the world. Every country has their own tourist attraction which can attract international or local tourists. When a tourist attraction has become more and more popular, the place will be more crowded. This is of course good news for the tourism but is it good for travelers? Visiting a travel destination which crowded by tourists sometimes can be disturbing. Being stuck in a long queue just to buy ticket entry is not fun at all. However, this is unavoidable when you visit popular travel destination.

Less Crowded Cities around the World for Peaceful travel
Maccu Picchu

Recommended cities to travel with less crowded of tourists

So instead of visiting already popular travel destinations, it is better to visit some places with less crowd of tourists. your travel will be more peaceful and enjoyable. You will be able to really enjoy the vibe of your vacation and understand more about what the attraction offers. Here are recommended cities to visit for you ho desire less crowded travel destination:


Lots of tourists and travelers like to try something even especially when it has become popular such as gondola riding. Venice is without a doubt is the most popular place for gondola riding. However, this place is already overcrowding. Therefore, you might as well visit Colmar, France. There are picturesque canals you can o for gondola ride. There are pastel buildings surrounding the route. There isn’t car traffic which can sour your mood as well.


Amsterdam is already popular travel destination and one of the most crowded places with tourist from all over the world. Of course, the beauty of the city is irresistible but you still have alternative for less crowd travel. So instead of Amsterdam, you can go visit Hamburg. This is a growing travel destination which is also home to mirror-like canals, historical buildings, and outstanding arts. Therefore, it will be a peaceful yet intriguing travel when you visit Hamburg, the Old City.


Barcelona is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Millions of tourists keep coming and flooding this city each year. Instead of visiting Barcelona, you can visit Singapore as your next travel destination. This is where you can enjoy the art of architecture. There are many attractions you can explore while visiting this cities such as Gardens by The Bay, Maxwell Road Hawker, and many more. Singapore is a small country but it has enchanting attractions for travelers around the world with the bonus of lesser crowd.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is no doubt one of the most crowded travel destinations in the world. There is even limiting entries to manage the flow of tourist visit. Instead of visiting this already overcrowding city, it is recommended to visit Komodo Island in Indonesia. This is where you can see the most intriguing creature, Komodo. Besides, there are lots of attractions offered by this island which can make your travel more enjoyable and meaningful.