The Best Komodo Boat to Travel for Honeymoon Couple

The secret of Komodo National Park has widely let out and today it become one of the most prized honeymoon destination for the newly-weds. There are many things that make Komodo stand out as a romantic gateway; the ultimate isolation, secluded beaches, bright and translucent water, and exotic jagged islands. Everything that makes for a dreamy honeymoon. Each island is a beautiful destination of its own. Each is only accessible by boat, which makes a honeymoon trip to Komodo an exciting sailing trip. If you are looking to build a perfect honeymoon, give some effort to look for the best Komodo boat around that will make for a meaningful couple trip.

 The Best Komodo Boat to Travel for Honeymoon Couple

Don’t rush and let all the planning overwhelmed you. Cabin category, trip type, and itinerary building are all important aspect before even booking a liveaboard in Labuan Bajo. Below, we’ve listed some points to consider when planning a foolproof romantic gateway in Komodo for the newly betrothed, especially when it comes to the ship.

1. Choose Komodo Boat with cabin instead of shared deck

Honeymoon is about spending a good time together and probably drown into each other’s arms almost every single time. And of course, honeymoon is the time when you, ahem, need a little bit more privacy than usual, isn’t it? Now safe that more economic Komodo liveaboard with shared decks (and thin mattresses!) for your fraternity trip. Why don’t you treat yourself to a nice cabin with ensuite bathroom that ensure comfort and privacy? Honeymoon ideally only happened once, so it’s the right time to splurge some for that suite/ master cabin.

2. If possible, book an exclusive liveaboard for couple

Honeymoon is the time when we are dwelling into dreamy delusion that the world is just ours. We crave for everything secluded—remote villa, empty beaches, exclusive resorts, anything. And you can do so with the sailing trip! If you feel that open trip—the most popular and budget friendly trip in Komodo—take the honeymoon vibes away, consider a more exclusive trip. We know one luxurious Komodo boat that’s equivalent with a secluded villa; the terribly romantic Alexa cruise that was made just for two people. To enjoy Alexa’s grandeur and tailored experience, however, be prepared to splurge some extra money.

3. Sail for a week or longer

The Komodo National Park is like big Thanksgiving dinner. Every destination is equally beautiful and worth a visit. It hides countless nature’s beautiful creation and is best to enjoy slowly. Don’t rush your honeymoon. Plan a trip for a week full or longer. This way, you can enjoy the best of Komodo in a more laid back manner, explore more hidden areas with your partner, and enjoy each other’s company longer.

4. Look for liveaboard with extra services on board

In the spirit of honeymoon, look for Komodo boat that offer extra services on boat. Some liveaboard offers spa and massages—which can be done both in the boat or in nearest secluded beaches. An extra luxury like this will make your honeymoon even more unforgettable.

5. Plan the right itinerary

Itinerary is not all about destinations. Aside from picking up gorgeous (or secluded) destination around Komodo, it’s also about estimating the time and energy. What’s the point of squashing four gorgeous destination in a day if in the end of the day you cannot enjoy it at all? That’s why we strongly recommend taking a longer trip. You can spread all the gorgeous destinations in a week. Enjoy the sightseeing during the day, take couple photoshoot in beautiful spots, and save some time to recharge the energy and do nothing; just lounging in the deck with your better half.