Tips You Need for Your Passport Safety

Passport is important document you need to bring when you are going to travel another country. It is one of essentials when it comes to travel overseas. It contains your personal information which should be protected. However, it is not uncommon for travelers or tourist to lose their passport while they are travelling. That is unwanted situation and you need it to be back to your home anyway. This little booklet plays important role in your travelling plan that you need the best strategy to keep it safe.

How to keep your passport safe

Every traveller may have different strategies in protecting their passport. Some keep it in their carry-on bags, and some people keep it at the very bottom part of the luggage. Some travelers carry passport everywhere their go in new destination while some others prefer to keep it at their luggage in their hotel room. To make you easier in keeping your passport safe, here are some tips you can follow:

  • You need to copy your passport so that you can use the copy instead of the real one if it is not necessary to show the real passport. It is also highly suggested to keep the copies and the real passports separately so that they won’t go missing together. Just in case you lose your real passport, you still have the copies to prove your identity. Make sure to make copies of the  page that has your photo as well as your personal information such as full name and place and date of birth.
  • It is highly recommended to put your passport in safe place. If you are reluctant to keep it at your hotel room while you are looming around the attractions, you might as well bring reliable bag or pockets to store it. Or, you can also wear a jacket which has secret pocket to keep your passport inside. You can also wear strip-bag or fanny pack where you can strap it diagonally over your shoulder.
  • If you travel in group, you might think that collectively keep all passports in one person or store will be safer. However, it is more recommended to carry passport individually. Thus, every individual carry their own responsibility to keep their passport safe. Besides, it won’t affect others if one person loses their passport.
  • If you decide to keep your passport in your suitcase and leave it in your hotel room, make sure you carry reliable suitcase for your travel. Choose solid suitcase with lock system. Thus, you can leave your passport inside while you are wandering around the town.
  • It is also important to ensure your passport safety not only from the loss but also from damage. Make sure you keep your passport in dry area and don’t let it wet. Don’t fold your passport carelessly because it can lead to curled corners or ripped pages. You can also buy waterproof cover for your passport. Or, make sure you separate it from any liquid.