Liveaboard Indonesia: Best Tips For Solo Travelers

Liveaboard Indonesia

Raja Ampat is one of the most stunningly beautiful areas both above and below the waves. The best way to explore Raja Ampat is to enjoy your holiday with a liveaboard Indonesia.  Being on the liveaboard for the Raja Ampat holiday with your family and friends might be a fantastic experience, but have you imagined traveling alone? Being a solo traveler might be scary if that was your first time. It’s normal to be afraid of being a solo traveler, but the solo traveler is a great way to know more about yourself, meet new people, and push outside your comfort zone. Liveaboard holiday with no friends is fun because you have the opportunity to take control, follow your interests, and be more flexible. Here are some tips when you’re traveling solo to Raja Ampat.

Make friends at liveaboard Indonesia

If you’re traveling alone, you will be meeting new people on the liveaboard. One of the best things about a liveaboard trip is giving you the chance to make a new friend with like-minded people just as much as you do. You are not alone. There are plenty of solo travelers out there. You can spend time with those who share the same passion and interests as you do.

Having a small talk with the boat crew

The liveaboard Indonesia crew welcomes you as members of an extended family and can be your potential friends. Don’t be shy to make small talk with the boat crew. They are not just there to help and serve you, but they are the lovely local people with a story of their own experience and insight regarding the holiday to share with you. This relationship will make you feel at home during your holiday.

Join every liveaboard Indonesia activities

Once you step foot on a liveaboard, you can start your day with morning coffee while the sunrise and catch the most spectacular sunsets. Liveaboard Indonesia has a lot of fun activities. A liveaboard offers various activities like diving, snorkeling, exploring a beautiful place on the boat. One of the best perks of this trip is that you will always be close to a diving site. Diving is one of the best ideas for enjoying your liveaboard Indonesia trip. You have to participate in all the activities with your new fellow travelers. Your fellow travelers are to be your friends on every move, that’s why socializing with them is essential to create a bond between all of you. Don’t skip any activities on your itineraries.

Mingle with the groups

Throughout the trip, don’t spend most of your free time in your cabin. Go and join the group on the deck. Even though you just met and don’t have much to say, your presence alone is already leaving a good impression on others. It’s the right time to sing together, playing musical instruments, or taking pictures together as a memory.

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