Things to Do Before Travelling to Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the lively countries in Southeast Asia. It has distinct culture and often chosen as must-visit destination for travelers around the world. The country itself is dynamic and vibrant. Not to mention that its tropical rainforest has drawn many attentions from nature lovers. Basically, Malaysia has everything you can wish for a great travel destination. Every element is blending perfectly well from luscious forest, mouth-watering cuisines, historic landmarks, to the sky-high tower.

How to enjoy your holiday in Malaysia

Malaysia is also known for its cultural diversity. Hence, people from different ethnicity, race, religion, or nationality can come visit this place with ease. However, there are still things you can and cannot do when you deice to visit this love country. If you are planning a trip to Malaysia after the pandemic ends, might as well follow these do’s and don’ts in Malaysia:

Always show proper respect when greeting others. The most common greeting method is when they bring their right hand and put it to their chest while giving a slight bow. This greeting called salam is to show sincerity in greeting. If you interacting with people older than you while in Malaysia, greet them by nodding your head and bowing slightly. If you are greeting the opposite gender, avoid physical contacts unless the others are offering, even it is for a simple handshake.

During your holiday in Malaysia, you may find someone pass around objects. If you need to pick it up, use your right hand always as show of politeness. In Malaysia, left hand is considered not appropriate to be used in giving or receiving objects because it is often referred to uncleaned activities reserved for the bathroom.

Avoid touching someone else’s head. It is considered rude to do so to people you just met unless it is to your very close friends. Head is considered and off-limit part of body in Malaysian culture. Even if you want to do it to someone younger than you out of affection, do not do it in Malaysia because it is inappropriate.

When it comes to gift-giving, try to be more mindful in doing so. It is a polite thing to bring a gift when you are invited to someone’s house. While it happens when you are in Malaysia, stick to safe gifts such as sweets, chocolates, or pastries. Avoid gifting alcoholic beverages or pork meat. In Malaysia, their culture and tradition are associated to their religion. Thus, they are careful in choosing what ingredients to consume. They only consume halal foods and drinks.

When exploring Malaysia, wear something that can cover your elbows and knees at least. Also, remove your shoes if you are entering a mosque. For women, it is suggested to wear a scarf to cover their hair before entering the mosque. Also, try not flaunt that you are tourist and show your belongings carelessly. It will only bring attention to criminals. Try to blend more with the locals and enjoy your stay in Malaysia to the best.