Sure Ways to Overcome Seasickness on Komodo Boat Trip

For many adventurous travelers out there, exploring the gorgeous panoramic landscape of Komodo National Park on Komodo boat trip can be very wondrous. Some others might not be as lucky. While they might want to experience the beautiful Flores to the fullest, some travelers just cannot stand the overwhelming seasickness on board. If this is you, don’t give up on the cruising dream just yet.

Sure Way to Overcome Seasickness on Komodo Boat Trip

Seasickness is basically the way your body responds to the rocking movement of the ship. Your inner ear balance system get stressed due to the unfamiliar motion of the ship. The stress on your balance system further induce headaches and feeling sick to your stomach.

Chase Away Komodo Boat Trip Seasickness

Though seasickness is hardly fatal, its side symptoms like nausea, stomach cramps, and the urge of vomiting can certainly put a damper on your boat  trip fun. Seasickness is meant to be handled. Know how overcome seasickness to get a smooth sailing and enjoyable journey on your upcoming Komodo boat trip.

Pick Large, Modern Ship

Some of the strongest seasickness come in smaller fast boat. Those boats you use for a quick move from one island to another. The safest choice is to pick a large and modern ship for a comfy and smooth sailing Komodo boat tour. Due to their size, they are naturally more stable (larger ships are equipped with stabilizers, too) and can stand better against storms.

Book the Comfiest Cabin

One sure way to forget the seasickness is lying down comfortably in the boat’s soft bed and sleep. If you tend to get seasick more quickly than others, it’s best to choose an outside cabin right in the middle of the ship. Better if your cabin has a window—you can throw a sight to the horizon point anytime to ease the nausea.

See the Horizon Point

Whenever seasickness attack, keep the horizon in sight. Doesn’t necessarily means staring at the horizon though, just keep the lines as point of reference. If you cannot see the horizon, better keep your eyes closed.

Get Fresh Air

Run to an open deck and get those refreshing breeze to breathe. Maybe put on some music to distract yourself from the seasickness. Think about all the fun you’re about to get in this Komodo boat trip and let your mind wander.

Watch What You Eat

When you got seasick, you might not want to eat something that can further induce your seasickness. Do not put anything too fatty, acidic, or spicy into your diet for a while. Tell your Komodo boat trip crews that you are having seasickness—they might help to prepare special menu for you.

Drink Ginger & Peppermint Tea

Nothing can be as soothing as a warm cup of ginger or peppermint tea when seasickness attacks. Studies found ginger can alleviate nausea associated with motion sickness. You can also take the ginger in another form; powder, pill, or candies for emergency remedies.

Take Drug

If you are really prone to seasickness, it’s wise to come prepared with medicine ready on your pocket. Your doctor might advise you to take the drug 24 hours before the Komodo boat trip take place. The medicine will be much more effective when it’s already running in your bloodstream.

Sometimes, the best prevention is just not thinking about the seasickness at all. Focus on happy things. You have long dreamed of this Komodo boat trip, after all! Don’t let the seasickness ruin the moment; but when it does, you know what to do.