Things You Are Going To Love About Hiking In Europe

Things You Are Going To Love About Hiking In Europe
Scenic view of mountains in Oberammergau, Germany

Hiking is one of the most popular activities many people love regardless of age and gender. Some people are passionate about hiking while others are simply casual hikers. It’s not a problem as long as you are enjoying it. When it comes to hiking, Europe might not be the first destination that comes to most hikers. However, Europe has its own charm that can hold hikers in their thrall. 

What to love about hiking in Europe

Most people travelling to Europe to have a troll down scenic cities, enjoy hearty dinner at local restaurants, or visit popular landmarks such as Eiffel Tower, Venice, and more. However, it’s worth a try to visit Europe with the purpose to feel the ground beneath your feet. It’s great moment to also learn about the culture and history of a region. And here are several things you will love about hiking in Europe:

Varied landscape

What to love about hiking in Europe
Scenic view of mountains covered in snow

Geographically, Europe has one of the most varied landscapes to admire. Hiking in Italy, you will get to enjoy its landscapes which range from rugged mountains, Alpine lakes, and glacier-carved alleys to wide coastal plains. Moving to its neighbor such as Austria, France, Switzerland, and Slovenia, you will find the landscape shifted further. You will find crystal clear turquoise lakes, lavender fields, green forest, torrents, waterfalls, and coastline with stunning features. 

Cultural differences

Europe has pretty distinct cultures between the nations. During your hike, you will get to experience the shift in landscape when you cross European borders. But that’s not the only thing you will love about because you will also get to experience cultural differences across the borders. These border regions are shaped by history and tradition so each country has  fascinating cultural charms to learn about. The cultural differences are manifested in the foods, language, and overall the people’s character.

Amazing local produce

This is also one of the things you are going to love about hiking in Europe. They have amazing local produce which allows you to taste the authenticity of the local delights. Food is part of the culture so enjoying new cuisine in every new place you visit will be fascinating. Pay a visit to the countryside and you get to see how food is locally sourced and seasonal. Try local recipes that has been down through generations made from the freshest local ingredients. 

Wine-testing experience

It’s not recommended to get drunk while hiking since you will not be in your best condition to keep yourself safe from any potential danger. However, wine-testing is one experience you cannot afford to refuse when hiking in Europe. You can actually join a walking tour or plan a route that incorporates wine-testing experience. With that you will join a winery visit where you get to talk with local winemakers. You will learn so much about wine-making process as well as their olive oils. If you decide to have wine-testing experience or winery visit, take it slow and enjoy the view of the villages to the fullest.