Top Dive Sites Bali For Underwater Adventures

Bali is a paradise for everyone. The underwater scenery of the island is a rarity to explore. Bali is a dream island of modern and traditional blend that is very slick. Being on this exotic island tastes like in a place that will not make you bored. All the beauty is incomplete when not exploring Bali’s finest dive sites.

This is an unimaginable creation where you trace the ocean, break the waves, roam under the sea. A thrilling adventure at the same time pamper the eyes to see the beauty of coral, rare species and attracting underwater mystery. 

Amed, A Fisherman Village

Gili hose can be your initial dive to a depth of 8 meters. If you are lucky you can see the reef sharks that are between the blocks of coral. If you dive deeper then will find and see the dwarf seahorses among the red and yellow Gorgonian sea fans.

The Japanese shipwreck also became one of the dive sites Bali that attracted the attention of many divers of the world. Other dazzling species such as leaf fish with different colors, colorful nudibranchs, frogfish, and ghostpipefish can be found inside and near the wreck.

Another dive spot on Amed is Jemeluk. This is one of the best spots for underwater photographers. Species that can be found such as frogfish, stunted sea horses, large moray eels and Napoleon Wrasses.

Seraya Secret, Tulamben

Tulamben became one interesting dive spot to be explored. You can find very popular USAT Liberty debris. Most of the scuba divers consider this as one of the world’s best beach-access diving spots.

For macro lovers, you should explore the coral garden. The macro activity starts at a depth of 5 meters and allows you to explore and take photos more longer.

Temple Garden, Pemuteran

When you explore the temple garden in pemuteran, you will not suspect it. In this area, the previous conditions are coral reefs are completely destroyed and marine biota died because of destructive fishing with poison potassium cyanidadan fish bombs.

Underwater Temple Garden, which is considered to have a magical feel and a ‘haunted’ submarine. Dive sites Bali this one felt so alien and quiet, every diver who comes there always feel there are different things.

Cyrstal Bay, Nusa Penida

See the famous species of mola mola. Flora and fauna in Crystal Bay is indeed very unusual. Coupled with a variety of coral reefs, you can enjoy blue spotted rays, napoleon wrasse, trumpet fish, squid, cuttlefish, yellow pitabiru eels, trigger fish, butterfly fish, moray eel, angel fish, sweet lips, frogfish, sea snakes striped, moorish idols, bannerfish, trevallies, jackfish, tuna, snapper mackerel and many more.   Dive sites Bali is popular and offers something amazing and exciting for local and professional divers with breathtaking scenery.