Why Scuba Diving In Bali Always Interesting To Explore?

Scuba diving in Bali always brings the best impression for beginner or professional divers. This is a group or family activity that travels to a tropical island like Bali. Underwater Bali is the best place for photographers where natural habitat life can be shared with others. Shipwrecks or roaming underwater caves offer a mysterious and always curious experience.

There are many dive buddy systems that work in different ways and everyone is justifying the way they choose. If you are a beginner and take Bali scuba diving courses to be certified, then you should choose anything that can make you comfortable during the training.

During the course, you will be taken to explore a particular dive spot according to the level of certificate you get. Scuba diving in Bali has many interesting spots to explore. The requirement is, you must be certified that allows you to dive at a depth of 50 meters.

The mystery of North Bali

The sanctity of Tulamben’s seafloor brings you aboard the wreckage of Liberty Weasel in 1942. Uniquely, this place is best for undersea photos. Underwater pre-wedding photos also make the popular diving spot in Tulamben. The combination of Tulamben’s underwater beauty and the beauty of Karangasem is the perfection of east Bali.

Spot Diving for a Special Certified Diver

Never try to dive without a guide let alone you have not certified. Some dive spots have dangerous undercurrents and require special certificates to explore. Nusa Lembongan is one of the diving spots that require special certification. But what you will see in Nusa Lembongan will be amazing. If you feel scuba diving Bali is very interesting, then it is time you take a certificate with a depth of more than 30 meters.

Extreme Diving Around Sharks

This is the most extreme spot scuba diving in Bali. The danger points at this diving spot included in extreme diving. The worst is one spot that can only enter by professional divers. If you want to see a shark then make sure you are a professional diver.

Not only 1 hammerhead shark, but you will meet a herd of hammerhead sharks. To see it must be at a high wave. To enter a dangerous area, the diver must either perform quickly or you will be swept away.

The higher your level of diving skill, the more likely it is to explore the extreme dive spots. This is the reason why scuba diving in Bali is always interesting to explore. Happy dive and stay safe !!