Leave the Beach, Escape to the Cool Air in Bali

When you are thinking about Bali, it’s almost guarantee that you gonna be thinking about playing in the sunny beaches or lounging on the poolside. But have you ever heard about the cold places you can visit in Bali?

While mainstream tourists are busy roaming Kuta and other south part of the island (where the sun is!), the northern part remain calm and hide their beauty under the thin fog. Enjoying the day under the sun is great, but it feel nice to have fresher air to breathe and cool breeze to blow your skin sometimes. This time, leave your bikinis and short pants. Take your long sleeves and let’s wander to underrated Bali’s colder places.

Ubud: Tegallalang Rice Terraces and Healthy Living

bali terrace field

Though still a tourist hub, Ubud holds special place for many. This is the starting point of your journey. Famous for its soothing greens and grounded living, Ubud is the place where you will get more connected to nature. While you can find vast rice paddies here and there, one of them is just extraordinary and almost magical. Tegallalang rice terraces is just breathtakingly awesome. This is not your ordinary rice paddies. Every levels of the rice fields holds sacred philosophy of Balinese Hinduism. If you wish to feel tranquility, visit Tegallalang early in the morning, where the air is still pure and rays of sun lights radiating between palm trees, creating an almost magical scenery.

Other than that, Ubud is also primary destination for healthy-living and raw eating enthusiast. A paradise of vegan and vegetarians, you can start your venture of finding the best raw meals among hundreds of nature-conscious restaurant in Ubud.

Bedugul: Bedugul Botanical Garden & Pura Ulun Danu

botanical garden Bali

Up a little more to the north, you will notice that the air is much cooler and you might want to sling your scarf to give you little warmth. Bedugul, a small city near Lake Bratan, sits in the center-north of the Island, 1.500m high from sea level. You will find that the climate here is slightly different than down at the south. Thin fogs hanging on the air, and sometimes light rain falls.

Bedugul Botanical Garden, the biggest botanical garden in Indonesia, of course make it to the top-list destination during your time here. You’ll never get tired of endless lush green surrounding the area. Thousands of mature trees from various kind, grassed hills, bushes lawns, and specific garden designed for specific type of plants make up this area. You can take a very instagrammable photos inside Cactus & Succulent greenhouse, riding between the woods, or just laying around in grassed hills, taking time to relax.

Pura Ulun Danu Beratan is also amazing place to visit. After some time hiking up by carm you will be granted by fascinating view of a Ulun Danu temple, stands gracefully in the middle of the lake, reflecting the clear blue sky above. The calm lake granted you soothing scenery and fresher air to breathe.

Surrounded by greeneries up in the mountainous area surely will be a fresher option for your holiday.