Foods To Boost Your Brain Health And Functions

Eating three meals a day is important for your body. However, there is also more important thing, which is pay attention to what you eat. There are foods good for your body and there are some that are not. Hence, being selective in choosing what you eat can help a  lot in improving your overall health. There are also certain foods that can help boost your brain health and function. As we all know that brain is like the core for how our body function. By eating foods that are good for your brain, it will then affect the overall health of your body. And here are several superfoods that are beneficial to boost your brain health:

Barbecued salmon, fried potatoes and vegetables on wooden background
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Nuts contain variety of nutrients needed by your body such as protein, fiber, as well as unsaturated fat. Vitamin and minerals are also contained in nuts. Including nuts into your diet can help a lot in boosting your brain and overall health. Cashews for example, contain zinc, magnesium, and iron that are known to be good for improving memory loss, as well as other memory related diseases. Another kind of nut that is beneficial for your bran is walnut which is high in alpha-linolenic acid.


Blueberry is one of the most popular in berry family. Many studies show that this fruit can help with short-term memory loss. Also, it can help slow the aging process and age related diseases such as dementia. Eating blueberries regularly can also help improve the ability to learn, as well as improve motor function and skills. Blueberry can be made into variety of delicious dishes as well so it is easy to incorporate it into your diet. 


This is a very well-known fish everybody loves. This is also considered good to boost brain health because it is high in essential fatty acid which your body is not able to produce by its own. Hence, incorporating salmon into your diet will be beneficial for your overall health. Not to mention that salmon also contains high amounts of DHAs which can help improve memory loss and reduce the risks of other age related diseases. 


It is important to eat various vegetables on daily basis because they contains nutrients needed by your body. As for vegetable that is good for your brain health is broccoli. It contains high levels of vitamin K and choline which are good for to strengthen cognitive brain function. Folic acid in broccoli is also good to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Broccoli also benefit your brain to perform optimally from thinking, remembering, reasoning, imagining, etc. 


Avocado is full of good nutrients. It contains potassium, fiber, vitamin A, C, D, E, K, and all of the B vitamins. Avocado has high levels of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats or omega-3 fatty acids to improve heart and brain function. Also, it is good to help prevent age-related diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer. You can it avocado as it is or try mash avocado for your breakfast.

Embark Sailing Trip from Fisherman’s Village, West Manggarai

If you see from the sea, the city is not very visible. Covered by many ships that dock in the harbor. Many ships that dock in the harbor cover it. This little settlement is located on the island of Flores’ western tip. It offers a wonderful sea view, making it one of East Nusa Tenggara’s top attractions. Domestic and international tourists are becoming more familiar with the moniker Labuan Bajo. The starting point for a sailing trip to Komodo National Park in Labuan Bajo.

2 person relaxing at the dock, enjoy the sunset, sailing trip from labuan bajo to komodo national park

Boat charter sailing trip to top destination Labuan Bajo 

Rinca and Komodo islands are part of the 80 islands scattered in the western Manggarai region. Meeting rare giant reptiles and reaching other small islands can take a half-day boat trip from Flores port.

Labuan Bajo is a fishing community with a picturesque backdrop of bustling fishing boats. You will see parallel fishermen’s houses used to dry fish. The attractiveness of West Manggarai’s port city has attracted international visitors.

A live-aboard journey to Komodo National Park is extremely popular among tourists. Vacationers in Labuan Bajo have the option of renting a private boat or sharing a boat with other visitors. Padar Island is the most accessible and well-known of the islands on your tour, and it is one you should not miss.

Bukit Sylvia 

You should go to Sylvia Hill when you arrive in Labuan Bajo. The splendor of Labuan Bajo can be seen from the top of Sylvia Hill, which adds to its allure. With a romantic perspective, it’s known as Love Hill.

Rinca Island

Seeing rare Komodo Island is not the only habitat for giant reptiles. Tourists can meet Komodo dragons on Rinca Island. This island is the habitat of the Komodo dragon, a protected rare animal. What is the difference between Rinca and Komodo islands? The difference lies in the geographical contours. Rinca Island has a lot of savannas, while Komodo Island is more forested.

Pink Beach

Pink beach is beautiful with pink sand that comes from red coral reefs with the color homotrema rubrum. Snorkeling and diving are attracting tourists with an amazing underwater world with various types of coral reefs and fish.

Manta Point

One of the diving spots is the main destination for lovers of water activities. You can see and swim with manta rays, rays typical of eastern Indonesia. You can pet, touch and feed with an average manta ray length of up to 3 meters.

Taka Makassar

The next sailing trip boat charter Komodo that should include in your itinerary is Taka Makassar. The small island located in the middle of the ocean has a unique shape like the number nine surrounded by clear blue water. The amazing underwater charm of Taka Makassar is the most recommended snorkeling and diving spot.

Consider Laidback Travel To Gain More Authentic Experience

It is such a common practice for tourists and travelers alike to focus more on ticking boxes off when travelling to their dream destinations. They list a series of popular places for them to visit later. Enjoying a trip this way is not entirely wrong but you can choose a better option. Instead of rushing to so many different places, it is more recommended to take your time to enjoy one or two places in a day during your trip. Laidback travel is now more encouraged because it is not only beneficial for the travelers themselves but also to the environment and the local culture. 

Laidback travel brings out more authentic experience

Laidback travel means you enjoy your trip in slower pace. You are being immersed, curious, and interactive with your travel experience. Through this, you build connection with yourself, people and places. Laidback travel also embraces concept of sustainability, mindfulness, and wellness.You can have a laidback travel experience through these activities:

Set goals you want to achieve from the trip

Instead of just checking the lis off, you can set real purposes or goals you want to achieve from the trip. You can focus more on improving your mental wellness, seeking out new experiences by blending with the locals, etc. By having those goals, you will feel a sort of fulfillment after your trip ends. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and you are getting happier and content with your travel experience. 

Get out of your comfort zone

It is absolutely daunting and intimidating to try getting out yourself from your comfort zone. However, it helps a lot in building your resilience and confidence. Each challenge may scare you but you will get better because throughout of it, you dare yourself and grow into someone with full of meaningful experiences. It doesn’t have to be something big for you to get out of your comfort zone during travel. You can start slowly such as speaking in local language with the locals. 

Get local 

Instead of checking a list of attractions, it is highly recommended that you get local. It means you eat or cook local foods, ride local transport, buy homemade crafts from local artisans, avoid tourists hot spots, and hang out in the local neighborhoods. 

Immerse yourself through people and place

One of the many benefits of laidback travel is that you can immerse yourself with the people and place at the same time. You can get true immersion by getting to know the local artisans, making actual conversation with the guy who owns the restaurant where you eat your breakfast every day, or, connecting with fellow travelers who stay in the same guesthouse as you. 

Is laidback travel worth it?

Laidback travel is totally worth it because you get to gain more authentic experience that will be a meaningful lessons for your life. By slow travelling, you also have more time to fully discover yourself because you are not rushed into anything. Laidback travel helps you to reach a sense of fulfillment.

Baliem Valley, Exploring Indonesia Tourist Spot in Papua

Richard Archbold, an American expeditioner, came across Baliem Valley, home of the Dani tribes, in 1938. He was astounded to see how isolated they were from the rest of the world and compare their way of life to that of 21st-century stone age. Polygamy, cannibalism, and clan warfare were all frequent practices. Men wore kotekas (penis sheaths) while women wore grass skirts, with both men and women exposing their chests. Their heads were adorned with extravagant headdresses and their faces were painted with natural dyes.

Baliem Valley, Exploring Indonesia Tourist Spot in Papua
West Papua Update

The Dani Tribe lived in thatch-roof huts and ate largely sweet potatoes for food. They worshipped shamans and sorcerers and carried lethal weapons. The Dani tribe lived in the most beautiful mountains and valleys, passionately upholding their traditions and refusing to adapt to modern life. Visit Baliem Valley, which is often regarded as Southeast Asia’s last frontier for travellers, to see how much the country and its people have changed since 1938. Was it still the untamed wilderness of your imagination?

Where is the location of Baliem Valley?

Baliem Valley, often known as the ‘Grand Valley,’ is located in West Papua’s highlands, in Indonesia’s far east. The 72-kilometer-long valley is located at an elevation of 1600 meters and is flanked on all sides by higher mountain ranges.

Although you will require a special permit (Surat Jalan) to visit some portions of Baliem Valley, this part of Papua is within Indonesian jurisdiction. The Surat Jalan is commonly received upon arrival at Wamena Airport, which is a permit-free zone. You may learn more about how to get a Surat Jalan and what you’ll need to bring by clicking here.

Baliem Festival

The Baliem Valley Festival is a stunning cultural event that showcases the numerous tribes of Baliem Valley’s traditions and customs. Tribes from other villages descend on the festival grounds to stage pretend battles, dancing, pig races, and other events. It is usually held in August and is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the Papuan tribes’ dying way of existence.

Visiting Baliem Papua Indonesia and trekking through high mountain beauty, past pristine and orderly Dani settlements, transports you to a world far apart from Jakarta, and is an honor and a memorable experience. For the majority of people, it is the highlight of your trip to Papua.

Planning A Smooth First Solo Camping Trip

Going on a camping trip a lone can feel intimidating because it means you have to survive being a long in the wild. Even if it is only for a few days, it still sound so daunting. However, there are many reasons why it is so worth it. Solo camping can help you reconnect better with yourself and nature. Also, you can create your own pace since you are alone. A solo camping trip also helps you to build self-confidence and self-reliance. But how to make it go smoothly while you still have the fun and feels safe?

Overcoming the challenge of solo camping trip for the first time

It is important for you to remember that it is not going to be easy especially because it is your first time. Even seasoned travelers make mistakes. Hence, remind yourself to stay positive and excited with the camping plan. Feeling fear and worry is normal and you will get through it. And here are some tips to make your first solo camping trip more smoothly:

Make preparation

To make you feel ready, you need to be ready with your journey. And your readiness relates a lot with your preparation. Doing it spontaneously is possible but you have to know there will be more surprises you might encounter. But when you prepare everything you need thoroughly, at least you are ready for what to expect. Prepare not only the essentials you need to pack but also your mental to be in the high spirit.

Do your research

It is important that you know where you are going to camp, especially when you do it solo. You have to make sure that the place is safe to camp in. Confirm about information you find to the authorities of the camp site to make sure the information is true and valid. Learn more about the routes, nearby hospital, and other emergencies to help you when needed. 

Learn about survival basics

Even though the camp site is relatively safe, there will always a chance of encountering hassle or obstacle. Hence, it is a must for you to learn survival basics such as how to pitch a tent, navigate a map, build a fire, access clean water, handle wildlife, self care and first aid, as well as weather forecasting. 

Pack smartly

Make sure you know what to pack for your first time solo camping trip. Most people do it excessively that they ended up packing load of unnecessary stuffs. Carrying too heavy bag will only hold you back from having a nice walk to the camp site. You will also end up with a back pain. The most important things to pack include foods, drinks, first-aid kit, lighter, sleeping kits, tent, pocket knife, lamp, and of course some clothes for change. 

It is recommended that you talk with seasoned campers about how to survive your first time ever solo camping trip. They know what to advise so you get to have a fun, enjoyable, and smooth solo camping even when you do it solo.

Komodo National Park Snorkeling, Exploring Big Creatures & Beautiful Reefs

Komodo National Park snorkeling is quite amazing. A week traveling out into Komodo National Park by boat, visiting a variety of reefs and habitats, as well as the house reef where you will staying. You will join a group of Komodo liveaboard snorkelers organize by a provider. 

Komodo National Park Snorkeling, Exploring Big Creatures & Beautiful Reefs

Komodo National Park Snorkeling, Explore The Reefs

The reefs in Komodo are spectacular, you can find both in terms of their overall health and the variety of sea life.

Komodo is notable for its larger species and abundance of reef fish. Cuttlefish, manta rays, eagle rays, and large sea turtles were among the unusual species we saw. You will observe some of the largest fish we’ve ever seen, including Giant Trevally, Napoleon Wrasse, angelfish, and puffers.

You will see a lot of squids, even see a cuttlefish in person during Komodo snorkeling tours, which is a tremendous delight.

What Are the Reefs Like When Snorkeling with Komodo Dragons?

In terms of the types of reefs and underwater ecosystems, as well as the types of critters you observe later, Komodo snorkeling adventure was diverse.

You will be out every day on a boat to explore reefs within Komodo National Park and a couple of spots just outside the park for approximately a week. Eat lunch on the boat before heading to a different Komodo snorkeling area. The heat in Komodo was unbearable, so thankful to be on the boat for the majority of the day, where you could enjoy the cool ocean breezes.

If you are lucky, you can meet manta rays, lesser rays, and eagle rays soaring smoothly over the sea on many occasions in Komodo, which is known for having a number of manta ray cleaning stations. If you observe Mantas in deeper water, but a week later, another Komodo snorkeling group saw them near the surface.

The marine life on Komodo’s reefs was incredible. There were many different types of parrotfish, many of which we had never seen before. Angelfish, damselfish, gobies, and a variety of anemone fish were among the other reef fish in abundance.

Water Temperatures in Komodo

A lightweight wetsuit may be necessary depending on whether you choose to snorkel in the north or south. At times, the water temperature can be a little cool. The water was warm for the majority of our vacation, although you wear our 2.2mm wetsuits on a few occasions.

Komodo Dragon

Komodo is known for its Komodo Dragons, and it’s fortunate to observe a number of them on your walking tour in the national park on Rinca Island, even during mating season! They were a lot of fun to watch and see. Near the ranger station, there were also deer and water buffalo.

Komodo Island Travel & Culture

Although Komodo has been discovered, it nevertheless feels like a place from another era. As previously said, the port in Labuan Bajo was crammed with boats, but they were all traditional wooden boats, giving the impression of being in a different age. Because of the tourism, it appears that you can get by speaking English in this town. Fishing settlements are pretty numerous once you get out into the islands, and they are primarily Muslim.

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A Type Of Getaway That Can Be Good For Your Mental Health

If you are feeling so down and stressed out lately, it might be a sign that you need to take a day off or two, or maybe take a full week off and plan for a vacation instead. It is understandable that living in the world we are living today is so demanding. We are forced to keep up with how fast the world changes. And sometimes, you need a break from all the buzz that hurts not only your head but your inside as well. A well-deserved getaway is worth a try if you feel like your mental health is in dire need of a nice break. 

A Type Of Getaway That Can Be Good For Your Mental Health
Image source: Instaram/@itshappyholly

The type of break that uplift your mood

Suffering from a burnout is not a good experience because you feel like you do anything wrong but you keep pushing yourself even harder to convince yourself that you can. However, what you need might not be a push a pause. And that’s why an escape to your dream destination can be a good idea to help you disconnect from your stressful life. 

However, keep in mind that your problems will not solve themselves just because you go travelling around the world. They will still exist when you return. Thus, remind yourself that a getaway is not to escape from responsibility but to give yourself a break to empty all negativity out of your system before you make yourself ready to handle whatever problems you have to face. 

A slow travel 

Instead of travel to check all as many list of attractions as possible, it is more recommended to plan for a slow travel. It is the type of getaway where you don’t move in a rush. You take your time when visiting one place and enjoy it to the fullest. Being slow allows you to fully aware and appreciate your surroundings. It helps you realize the beauty of the place because you are paying attention to details not only making a side glance or taking a selfie. 

Slow travel benefits your mental health because you get the opportunity to slow yourself down. It allows you to reflect on yourself better while being in unfamiliar places. It helps you to think better of yourself, recognize what is happening to you, and what you really want in your life. A slow travel doesn’t have to be melancholic. You can still do it with fun. It will benefit your soul in the same way. 

A slow travel doesn’t have to make you feel all alone all the time throughout your getaway. You can go have a conversation with the local and learn more about their way of life and their relationship with the land. Learn more about their culture and their perspective of life. It will be such a meaningful experience for you. You might return with refreshed mind and lighter heart that make you able to think and see things clearly. It might help you to heal your soul and make it more contented. 

The Ultimate Guide of Choosing Holiday Villas in Bali for Every Travellers

Thinking of replacing your hotel room with holiday villas in Bali? What a brilliant concept! Here are our top recommendations for your first villa stay. Staying in a villa provides you with a ‘home’ – a private home away from home on Bali Island as opposed to a hotel room – and that makes all the difference! If this is your first time looking for a villa in Bali and you’re not sure what to anticipate, this post is for you.

Finding Holiday Villas in Bali for Couples (and Honeymooners)

Finding Holiday Villas in Bali for Couples (and Honeymooners)
Image source: Instaram/@thebaliguideline

Private villas, by definition, provide greater solitude and a more serene stay. If romantic isolation for honeymoon in Bali is important to you, look for a separate villa with some acreage surrounding it, so you’re not too close to loud music or neighbors, and you’re not too close to prying eyes. Areas to consider include Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Benoa Bay, and Ubud.

Do when looking for honeymoon villas in Bali:

  • Villas with outdoor pools. Even better, a jacuzzi for romantic nights. 
  • Holiday houses on the outskirts of major cities with close access to nightlife and shopping. Ubud, Seminyak, and Jimbaran are perfect for couples. 
  • Villas that have sensitive alarm systems and in-room safes for your valuables.

What not to do:

  • Villas close to or in the heart of the city. Kuta might not be the best for couples looking for solitude. 
  • During the peak season, when surrounding resorts are overrun with people, or find a gated property (or one situated on a private estate).

Looking for the Ideal Family Villas in Bali

Looking for the Ideal Family Villas in Bali

When you have a family, you only want the best for them. Every family have different needs and what works on some families might not be working for you. If you are travelling with babies or curious toddlers, you might want to look at one-story villas or a vacation rental without heavy ornaments that can harm your babies. Other families consists with teens and large groups, and they might need bunk beds and villas with many rooms. So when you are looking for the ideal family villas in Bali, make sure to see: 

  • The required number of restrooms (you can never have enough bathrooms when going away with kids).
  • There are enough bedrooms to accommodate everyone (en-suite bathrooms are mostly appreciated).
  • Private balconies or terraces accessible from your accommodation.
  • Swimming pool with a fence (or check access to and depth of the pool to determine how safe it is to use around children).
  • Outdoor activities for all ages. If you enjoy watersports, for example, select a villa that is just a few steps from the sea. Benoa Bay, Nusa Dua, and Jimbaran are the perfect area for families who want quiet beaches and fun watersport. Do you enjoy hiking? A home concealed in the highlands or hills, such as villa in Ubud, will be a much better choice.

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The Right Holiday Villas in Bali for Single Travelers

The Right Holiday Villas in Bali for Single Travelers
Image source: Instaram/@kclububud

While solo travellers tends to prefer homestays, bunkbed hostels, or hotel rooms, there’s no rules that prevents you to book a whole private villa Bali for yourself. Some people do like being alone in their own space and sharing it with no one else. 

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Dos when you are looking for holiday villas in Bali for solo traveler: 

  • Look for smaller Bali villas with private pool
  • Choose popular areas with dense population and easy access to everywhere. Canggu, Seminyak, Kuta, and Ubud are perfect for solo travelers looking for new friends. 
  • Choose a villa in Bali with breakfast option. You will have less motivation to stock up the fridge and cook when you are travelling alone. 
  • Look for luxury villa with cozy corners for relaxing or TV streaming services in their amenity list.

What not to do: 

Book a ten bedroom villa. You will feel isolated being alone in a large house. 

Renting a villa in totally secluded location. Always imagine walking alone back to the villa after late night party. It’s not always safe to walk alone in dark, isolated path. 

Being A Responsible Traveler When Visiting Wildlife Sanctuaries

Being A Responsible Traveler When Visiting Wildlife Sanctuaries

Everyone must agree that wildlife animals should be in the wild and not in a cage or limited space. Living in their natural environment is the most ideal for them. However, we also know that sometimes it is more harming for them due to many reasons such as habitat destruction, environmental changes, biodiversity loss, etc. Those factors put them at dire risk of extinction if humans don’t help. That’s why there are sanctuaries today to help wild animals survive. However, sometimes the lines between saving and entertaining become blurred. Many people are interested in visiting wild sanctuary just for the sake of entertainment and that is why we need to travel responsibly.

Giving support to the right place

It is important for travelers to support sanctuaries that put the welfare of animals on top of everything. The animals in the wild sanctuaries are usually rescued from captivity or abandonment. Some of them might be injured while being rescued. The aim of bringing them in a sanctuary is to refuge and rehabilitate. Suffered and in danger animals are priority to be rescued and get rehabilitation program in sanctuary. 

It is important for travelers to support the right organization that is there to help animals not to monetize them. There are wildlife sanctuaries around the world you can visit. Most of them are non-profit organizations. And there are also several sanctuaries that open ethical volunteering opportunities. This kind of organization needs lots of support and you can do it by applying for volunteering program if interested. 

What to do before visiting the wildlife sanctuaries

Before deciding to visit a wildlife sanctuary, it is important that you do your own research to find out more about the organization. Look for information regarding to their work ethic in helping and taking care of the rescued animals. Learn more about the organization’s long-term aims with the sanctuary. Find out where the animals come from. It is also essential to know more about how the organization value responsible tourism. Do not forget to also find out more about the resource the organization get and how they use it. Find out is they invest in their animal care. 

If you are unsure about the credibility of the sanctuary you are planning to visit, find out more about their partnership with similar organizations that work with animal charities. If they do work with those kind of organizations, it indicates they have high standard in taking care of the animals they rescue. A credible wildlife sanctuary exists to address specific problems such as providing home for animals coming from cruelty, captive environments, etc. 

Find out if the wildlife sanctuary provides some sort of enrichment or entertainment to visitors. Choose the one that do not provide those to visitors because wildlife are not supposed to be in close contact with human especially if they are going to be released into the wild someday. Choose reputable wildlife sanctuary that provide good environment for animals as close as their natural habitats which means no human interaction allowed. 

Tips For Exploring Komodo Island

Whatever your choice to explore Komodo Island, by luxury phinisi boat or backpacker, safety and safety is crucial. Exploring the island of Komodo is a unique and unforgettable experience. You will see ancient animals on this island, which are ancient animals that are still left in the world. Preservation of ancient animals and the safety of your trip must also be considered.

komodo island

Don’t visit Komodo Island alone

This is important! Never visit where giant ancient animals habitat alone because it will be high risk. Ensuring safety is paramount. You can look for open trips to Komodo island and join other tourists. Make sure you are always under the supervision of a ranger when you see Komodo dragons. Another important piece of information, do not force exploring this island when you are menstruating. Komodo’s smell is very sharp and will be dangerous when they become aggressive.

Stay Still

Do not make a lot of movement when you meet directly or close to the Komodo dragon. Many tourists want to take pictures at a distance with Komodo but actually, endanger safety. Try not to attract their attention, because safety is number one.

Do not smoke

Before exploring the island of Komodo, or the island of Rinca, you must pay attention to the condition of the two islands. The other island has more forest when you compare it to Rinca Island. The savanna dominates the island of Rinca. The savanna on Rinca Island is very wide and looks arid the canoe up the hill.

Imagine if you smoked on one of these islands and caused a fire. It will certainly be very damaging to the environment and the extinction of ancient animals. Traveling to Komodo Island is not just for fun, but we are also obliged to maintain the security and safety of the area.

Best island to see Komodo dragons

Many people say Rinca Island is the best island to see Komodo dragons in person. In terms of scenery, Rinca Island is almost the same as Komodo. Rinca Island features beautiful beaches and several hills. The land here is mostly covered by grasslands. You can meet many wild animals. Rinca Island is an area of about 18,500 hectares which is also home to more than 2,000 Komodo dragons.

If you decide to take an open trip, then don’t worry because the operator will take you to both locations. You can also enjoy activities such as trekking or enjoying the pink beach. Make sure that the open trip operator provides all your travel needs to Rinca and Komodo island.