4 Recommended Best Deals Diving Bali Packages For Enjoy Undersea

Diving packages are now very easy to find. As dive popularity increases, they are not just hobbies. Diving increases to a career level. Diving Bali packages are offered for everyone, beginners or professionals. Each dive package is usually divided, training for beginners, training for professionals, exploring packages and more.

diving bali packages

The success of your diving Bali packages depends on you choosing a dive center. The best recommendations for dive centers are those that are able to facilitate and provide comfort for divers. Dune Atlantis is included in one of the most trusted and popular dive centers in Bali. When it comes to finding diving Bali packages, then you should visit Dune Atlantis.

Best Bali diving package deals for advanced divers.

Tulamben Diving Bali Packages

Tulamben is not only the best dive spot with amazing scenery but also a  perfect one for underwater photographers. You can hone macro photo lovers skills. In Tulamben, you can also look closely at the USAT Liberty wreck at a depth of 300 feet. A little information about diving Bali packages offered.

Diving Type: wreck, wall, PADI course, night, marine biology, photography, snorkeling.

Visibility: 15-30 meters

Temperature: Around 26 – 30 degrees


  • Lunch, drink
  • Instructors in 3 languages (French, English, Indonesian)
  • 12L aluminum tanks with K-valve / international valve and weights included
  • PADI diving insurance

You will do 2x dives. Bali Diving packages start at 8 am and finish at 6 pm

Nusa Penida Packages Diving Bali

Diving Bali packages Nusa Penida is done 2x dive to see Manta and Mola-Mola.

Type of dive: drift, marine biology, deep, photography

Depth: 5-40 meters

Visibility: 5-50 meters

The facilities provided are the same as other diving packages. Pick-up and drop are available as long as you still join a dive package. This is a daily package recommendation with the best and perfect spot for your vacation.

Amed Diving Bali Packages

Amed’s Diving Bali packages give you the opportunity to take a close look at Japanese shipwrecks and Pyramids. Pyramids present you with varied marine life. Uniquely, you can get the sensation of sending a postcard surrounded by fish. Departure time is the same as other packages, from 8 am to 6 pm. Diving Bali packages include insurance, 12L aluminum tanks, lunch, and drinks.

Gilis Diving Bali Packages

Your dive trip will go to Gilis with a 20-minute journey. If you are lucky, you will see black tip reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, barracudas, stingrays, and even at times the Mola Mola. To be able to dive in Gilis, you must be certified advanced minimum level. Diving is done 2x and you will return at 4 pm.

There are many more Bali packages for diving besides daily trips. Some other dive packages that can be your recommendation are the mini-safaris package and the Aurora liveaboard. Make sure you get Bali packages diving information for your fun, comfortable and successful diving.