Cabin Bag Packing for Long Airplane Flight

Travelling with plane is definitely still a favourite by many, especially if you are planning for overseas vacation. Airplane is the fastest way to travel over long distances, and most often it includes series of long flight. Sometimes, a long flight can turned into a series of unbearable discomforts before you can finally settle in the dreamed destination. To make your flights enjoyable, be a smart traveler and know what to pack inside your carry-on bag.

Cabin Bag Pack for Long Airplane Flight

What to Pack in Your Cabin Carry-On:

Light Layer of Clothes

You know that flights can get chilly, right? In a long plane, you can easily get sweaty, freezing, something in between, and get it repeated again. It’s always handy to bring a light layer of clothes to keep your body slid into comfortable temperatures at times. 

Light Snacks

Nobody want to travel and be hungry. Some airlines do not include snacks or meals in their in-flight service, so some pack of snack will always come handy. Pack snacks that will satisfy your craving without getting your tummy bloated (bloated stomach in air is just one of the worst). Choose light snacks that are rich in protein, such as energy bar, granola bar, crackers with peanut butter, or a cup of almonds.

Reading Materials

It can get pretty boring in a long flight, particularly when the airplane’s wifi is a little bit crappy. Or when the plane route is too short to provide the wifi. Having something to read instead of airlines brochures can ease your boredom. Beside, this is a perfect time to finally read those books you always make promises to read to but never really do it due to burden of works.

Neck Pillow

One way to make a long flight be much more enjoyable is bringing a neck pillow. The foamy neck pillow gives better support to your head for sleeping and generally improves your mood. When you have reached the destination, the neck pillow can further assist you for stealing naps or just resting your tired head. No more neck pain!


If you find yourself having a hard time to sleep during the long flight, maybe it’s time to start trying a blindfold. It might not give you the most flattering look, but it’s undeniably good to help you have better rest. Blindfold blocks the lights that might disturb your circadian rhythm and allows your body    to get a rest it deserve. Some airlines give free blindfold to their passengers, some don’t. It’s better to be prepared and bring your own. Who knows, the airline’s blindfold is not adequate enough to block the disturbing lights.