Fun Things to Do in Dubai without Costing Much

Dubai has become one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. The popularity of this place is amazing by years. The transformation happened in Dubai was so significant. In the past, it was just a place full of hot sand. Today, Dubai is a home to the world’s tallest building.

Fun things to do in Dubai

The shopping mall in this place is beyond expectation. Luxury is what people describe Dubai today. Both indoor and outdoor activities are provided to facilitate foreign tourists enjoying their time during their travel. However, it is also not a secret that having a vacation to Dubai cost a lot. Most major attractions have superior price tags that it is not surprising if someone says it’s only type of vacation for the wealthy.

Some fun and cheap things to do while traveling in Dubai

Even though Dubai is home to extravagant price tags in almost all places, it doesn’t mean you cannot find inexpensive attractions to enjoy during your travel. Your visit can still be affordable for your wallet and here are things you can do while having fun in Dubai without costing much itinerary:

  1. Window shopping in Dubai Mall is not a bad idea after all. Who says you have to buy something once you enter the mall? It is just fine if you only want to survey the area and see what they have inside. They won’t just kick you out just because you only window shop. Dubai Mall is the world’s largest mall and has become one of the major attractions.
  2. Spend your time to enjoy the view on the Rooftop Gardens at Wafi Pyramids. There is event called Movie under the Stars held every Sunday at 8.30pm. The good news is the event is for free. There are others entertainments available which require money but you can enjoy what you can take since it is not bad at all.
  3. While you are window shopping in Dubai Mall, spend your time to watch the infamous dancing fountains. This is claimed as the world’s biggest performing fountain. The lights and the projectors are in huge numbers. However, this attraction is for free so you can enjoy the performance of dancing fountain to the fullest.
  4. If you think Dubai is a home to tall building and luxurious mall then you need to visit Ras Al Khor. It is a place where you can see lots of bird species especially flamingos. It is free to enter the area. This wildlife sanctuary is one of natural attractions you can enjoy while you are in Dubai.
  5. Even though Dubai mostly consists of dessert, you can still find sea water at Jumeirah Beach. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions which is also a home to luxurious hotel and other facilities. However, you can still enjoy the public portion of the beach that is for free. However, beware of the hot temperature and make sure to bring proper footwear since it can reach to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.