How to Avoid Seasickness during Cruise Travel

Seasickness during cruise travel can ruin the mood. The purpose of you being on a cruise is to enjoy everything travel package you have bought. With seasickness you cannot truly enjoy your vacation because you are too occupied with your unwell body. Therefore, it is important that you know how to avoid seasickness on cruise before going for the adventure. Thus, you will truly enjoy the whole time to the fullest.

Avoid seasickness during cruise travel

Besides, cruising is quite expensive. It will be such a shame to just let your money wasted just because you have got seasickness. There are many things to enjoy when you are on cruise like the foods, the view, and the vibe of the ocean if you are not seasick.

Avoiding seasickness during cruise travel

Well, it says that seasickness cannot be truly prevented when you are on cruise. It is about the intensity you can feel while on cruise. Some people get it bad and some people don’t even notice they get seasickness.

Seasickness is also what you call motion sickness is so common. It is just that some people might be more prone to get seasickness than others which make them easier to feel the motion sickness while cruising. Below are some tips to avoid seasickness while you are enjoying your travel on cruise!

First, before going for the adventure—it is recommended that you bring medicine with you. If you are prone t seasickness it is better safe than sorry then. You’d better pack your usual medicine to overcome your seasickness when it kicks you hard. You can actually buy the medicines from drugstore.

Just make sure to take the right dose. The medicines are usually in a form of pills or patch. You can choose what most comfortable with you to take. Even if you are not prone to seasickness, packing the medicine won’t hurt just in case.

It is also highly recommended that you have good rest before taking on a cruise. This can prevent seasickness during cruise travel effectively. Sometimes excitement makes people hard to get some sleep night before the D-day. However, exhaustion from sleep-deprivation can lead to seasickness. Your body which is not in the best condition will be more sensitive to the motion and make you prone to seasickness.

You need also to make sure to stay intact with fresh air during your travel on cruise. It is recommended that you walk around the docks to get some fresh air so that you won’t experience nausea or headache which can lead to seasickness. Don’t stay inside the cabin for too long because your body needs to refresh.

It is also highly recommended that you eat something before taking off. Travelling on empty stomach is not wise because your body will be more fragile. One hour before departing, eat something light like snacks. To prevent seasickness during cruise travel, you can continue snacking every two hours. Make sure you stay hydrated throughout the journey. It is also recommended to avoid drinking any alcohol because it can make you feel like already sick.