How To Be More Aware and Prepared With The Threats During A Trip

There are no actual safe places in the planet but at least you can always prepare yourself to be ready to face every threats and dangers. Being on a trip can put you into more vulnerable position due to your lack of knowledge of the place you visit. This is seen as weakness for those people who target their victim, especially international tourists. However, don’t make it discourage you to travel and explore the world. There are safe places where you can interact freely with the people around you. What you have to do is choose safe place for your travel plan and always put your safety at the top of your priority. 

How to be Aware of Threats on Travel Destination

There are many situations that can put you in serious danger during a trip. For example, you take a late flight that makes you arrive late at night. Ideally, it is not the best time to arrive at the unknown place and hail a cab without jeopardizing your safety. It is even worse if you knew already that the city is considered dangerous from the travel warning you read before. Therefore, it is important to consider the timing for your travel plan. 

How To Be More Aware and Prepared With The Threats During A Trip

Stay Tethered to Your Belongings

To keep your belongings safe, make sure to stay tethered them all the time. You can tether your bag to something immovable at all times so the thefts won’t get easily snatch it. Avoid doing it in subtle gesture. In fact, be bold in showing that your belongings are tethered securely. This can make thefts think twice before approaching you. 

Learn and be more aware of non-body language

You can project situational awareness during the trip. This can help avoid dangerous situation. This like projecting your confidence to show that you are very aware with your surroundings. It makes you look stayed alert all the time. Remember that most criminals target people who they see as weak and unconfident. Thus, show your confidence in every steps you take. Keep your eyes focus on your surroundings because this can discourage criminals to approach you. 

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Learn some basic self-defense

It is useful for your life in general. It is even more useful when you like travelling alone. Being able to defend yourself will help you through tough situation involving physical attacks. However, you also should know that just because you can throw precise punch like professional boxer doesn’t mean you have to do it every time. Know when to use it and when to avoid confrontation. It is highly advised to avoid physical confrontation and try to get yourself as far away as possible. If it fails, then it’s time to use your self-defense skill. 

Trust your instinct

Sometimes, your instinct is what can save you from dangerous situation. If you feel something off with the place you are in, remove yourself quietly and unsuspiciously. Avoid secluded alleys and suspicious place. It is better to stay in open place when wandering around your travel destination.