Tips to Have the Best Stay at Your Hotel while Travelling

Travelling is supposed to be an indulgent for your free time. This is when you get the best of your life and forget about all negativity. For travelling, accommodation is essential and you cannot go travelling without knowing if you will get the best room with the best service. Well, expecting the best service with great amenities is common for travelers.

Tips to have the best stay at hotel

However, sometimes you get the unexpected for example when the staffs of the hotel you booked in show their not so positive attitude or service.

Well, there are many reasons to that. It could be you have a problem with your etiquette or the hotel just employs unreliable staff. Either way, you still can fix the problem. Here are some tips for you to get the best experience to stay at the hotel:

  • It is understandable that you get tired after sitting for hours on the plane to your destination. And when you arrive at your hotel, you become moody and snap at every staff you meet there. Well, some guests may think that being dominant or intimidating will favor them and make the staff obey them. Well, just remember that the staffs are also human and they expect hospitality and friendliness especially when they have to stand and greet every guest that in and out the hotel. Thus, it is highly suggested to show you friendliness and be respectful to them. It will score you positive feedback when you are nice and pleasant.
  • The tipping can be a trigger for bad service the guest receives from the staff. However, tipping is not in control of the staffs but the guests. Thus, you need to know how to tip them and how much you are willing to give. Recommended amount for tipping according to the American Hotel and Lodging Association is $1-5 per night. Tipping your housekeeper is expected when you stay at hotel just like how you tip the waiter in a restaurant.
  • There are some guests who like taking things from their room when they check out. Well, there are things you can take and surely there are things you shouldn’t. You can take minor things like shampoo, notes, pen, etc. However, you will be charged if you take furniture or fixtures including blankets, throw pillows and bathrobe. Thus, make sure to not take anything you are not allowed to or you will face the problem when checking out. It will be unpleasant experience.
  • If you happen to receive unpleasant service or other things during your stay, make sure you talk to the staff instead of announcing it on your social media. Address the problem to the staff and make sure they understand so they can fix it. Remember that they are your priority and they will do anything to make you feel safe and comfortable during your stay. Technical problems and human errors are common so talk it out instead of shout it out. Then, you will be appreciated and receive better service in return.