Understand More the Types of Accommodation for Travellers

When you travel to a certain place, you will need accommodation so you will be safe during your trip. Before you depart, it is better to understand more types of accommodation for travellers. There are different types of accommodation you should know. There is no exact type of accommodation but at least you know the basic. Each type of accommodation is varied by size, service, characteristics, etc. You can choose accommodation that suits your needs and taste. For example, it is more convenience for you to stay in hostel if you are backpacker since it’s less costly. However, here are types of accommodation you should know for better understanding:

  • Hotel – This is one of the most basic types of accommodations you can find anywhere. This provides you with paid accommodation as well as guest services. Hotel is usually categorized from one to five stars. Another rate system uses A-F grades for the hotels. Each country may have different rate system to their hotels.
  • Hostel – Another type of accommodation you can use during your travel is hostel. The establishment is aimed at backpacker and other budget travellers who are mostly the youngster. Hostel is arranged to dormitory bedroom style. The bathrooms are usually shared. The service usually includes light meals.
  • Guest house – This is one of the types of accommodation for travellers in a form of a private home. The house is dedicated to accommodate guests exclusively. This house is owned by a manager who live separately or within. The service is varied and depends on the manager. Sometimes, it follows what the guest order.
  • Lodge – This is accommodation which can optimize the feeling of true bond with the nature. The building features natural materials such as wood or stone. This accommodation is the best for outdoor trip. Lodge is usually booked by group travellers.
  • Resort – This is considered as exclusive accommodation with high class service delivered to the guest. This building consists of varied story accommodation units either single or double. This is actually similar to hotel but it has wider range in the service department and facility. Resort should be rented and sometimes it offers camping area for the guest.
  • Motel – Originally, motels are designed for motorists. This is also called as roadside hotel but can be a god alternative for budget travellers. This is equipped with minimal amenities. The room is not as luxurious as hotel but it provides traveller’s main necessities such as bed, TV, and bathroom.
  • Mansion – This is a luxurious accommodation aimed at high class vacation. The building is equipped with best facilities to accommodate the guests. The size of mansion is usually large. It is usually built in historic architectural style.
  • Treehouse – This is basically built for recreational purpose only. This is a structure built among the branches of the tree so the guest can feel more connected to the nature. The size is relatively different from one another. Now you know the types of accommodation for travellers. Which one of them is suitable for your travel plan?