What You’ll Learn About Friendship in Teen Surf Camp

For teens, there’s nothing more exciting than having something stimulating to do on summer holidays. It’s definitely not a part-time job at ice cream store. No, it’s about going to a teen camp, pursuing their passion, and learn who they really are. Surf camp for teen is one of the most popular summer camps out there with thousands of fans every year. It offers a time and place for teens to be free. To have almost unlimited time for beach plays and having all the fun they can get. However, surf camp offers beyond wave riding and sun-tanning. It offers friendship—and lots of valuable lessons of it. Of all the important things you can gain from teen surf camp, friendship tops the list. Then probably the surf skills itself. Here are some important things about friendship you’ll learn at the camp.

What You’ll Learn About Friendship in Teen Surf Camp

Making friends at teen surf camp is easier than you think

“Will I make friends at the teen surf camp?”

That’s the most common questions coming from teenagers before they embark on their first surf exploration. For teens who are just starting to learn about themselves and how the world works, friends-making situation in a totally new environment can seem a bit nerve wracking. However, here’s one important thing you should remember: everyone on the surf camp is on the same boat. It doesn’t matter if you come solo or with friends. Everyone come with a similiar goal in mind: to learn how to surf and to make new friends. You are not the only one who are nervous. Once you realize that everyone is just as nervous and excited, you might realize that you are surrounded by future friends who are ready to share their best moments with you. So put on your friendliest smile and extend that hand to anyone around you.

Every friendship you found is different

Do you know that you’ll meet people from more varied background, nationality, and ethnicity in teen surf camp? The friendship you find on the surf camp will totally be different from say, the one you found at school. Campers come from all parts of the world with different cultures and values on their hand. You will learn new customs you probably never heard before. And each friendship you form on the camp would be different from one another. One friend you see at the bus on the journey to the camp would form a different type of friendship with the one you made during the surf lessons. Regardless, you will find laugh, fun, support, and fond memories in all. Having diverse friendship teach you how peple could be so diverse and each one enrich your knowledge of the world.

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Lots of activities at teen surf camp to be enjoyed together

What You’ll Learn About Friendship in Teen Surf Camp

How can friendship making be so difficult when there are so many activities to be enjoyed together at the teen surf camp? Here you are constantly surrounded by potential friends suring the surf lessons, meal time, barbeque night, fun games time, excursion, and even during bunk time. Each activity presents an opportunity to strike up a conversation. Friendship happens sometimes at the least expected times.

Quality friendship blossoms without technology

While you are busy surfing, exercising, and playing physical games, you will naturally forget about your smartphone. You will spend less time scrolling social media, believe us. The camp provide enough stimulation and more time for peer interactions. With less distractions from phones, you will find a genuine bond between people around you. Genuine interactions which happens when you are enjoying your time at the teen surf camp.