Being A Responsible Traveler When Visiting Wildlife Sanctuaries

Being A Responsible Traveler When Visiting Wildlife Sanctuaries

Everyone must agree that wildlife animals should be in the wild and not in a cage or limited space. Living in their natural environment is the most ideal for them. However, we also know that sometimes it is more harming for them due to many reasons such as habitat destruction, environmental changes, biodiversity loss, etc. Those factors put them at dire risk of extinction if humans don’t help. That’s why there are sanctuaries today to help wild animals survive. However, sometimes the lines between saving and entertaining become blurred. Many people are interested in visiting wild sanctuary just for the sake of entertainment and that is why we need to travel responsibly.

Giving support to the right place

It is important for travelers to support sanctuaries that put the welfare of animals on top of everything. The animals in the wild sanctuaries are usually rescued from captivity or abandonment. Some of them might be injured while being rescued. The aim of bringing them in a sanctuary is to refuge and rehabilitate. Suffered and in danger animals are priority to be rescued and get rehabilitation program in sanctuary. 

It is important for travelers to support the right organization that is there to help animals not to monetize them. There are wildlife sanctuaries around the world you can visit. Most of them are non-profit organizations. And there are also several sanctuaries that open ethical volunteering opportunities. This kind of organization needs lots of support and you can do it by applying for volunteering program if interested. 

What to do before visiting the wildlife sanctuaries

Before deciding to visit a wildlife sanctuary, it is important that you do your own research to find out more about the organization. Look for information regarding to their work ethic in helping and taking care of the rescued animals. Learn more about the organization’s long-term aims with the sanctuary. Find out where the animals come from. It is also essential to know more about how the organization value responsible tourism. Do not forget to also find out more about the resource the organization get and how they use it. Find out is they invest in their animal care. 

If you are unsure about the credibility of the sanctuary you are planning to visit, find out more about their partnership with similar organizations that work with animal charities. If they do work with those kind of organizations, it indicates they have high standard in taking care of the animals they rescue. A credible wildlife sanctuary exists to address specific problems such as providing home for animals coming from cruelty, captive environments, etc. 

Find out if the wildlife sanctuary provides some sort of enrichment or entertainment to visitors. Choose the one that do not provide those to visitors because wildlife are not supposed to be in close contact with human especially if they are going to be released into the wild someday. Choose reputable wildlife sanctuary that provide good environment for animals as close as their natural habitats which means no human interaction allowed.