The Ultimate Guide of Choosing Holiday Villas in Bali for Every Travellers

Thinking of replacing your hotel room with holiday villas in Bali? What a brilliant concept! Here are our top recommendations for your first villa stay. Staying in a villa provides you with a ‘home’ – a private home away from home on Bali Island as opposed to a hotel room – and that makes all the difference! If this is your first time looking for a villa in Bali and you’re not sure what to anticipate, this post is for you.

Finding Holiday Villas in Bali for Couples (and Honeymooners)

Finding Holiday Villas in Bali for Couples (and Honeymooners)
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Private villas, by definition, provide greater solitude and a more serene stay. If romantic isolation for honeymoon in Bali is important to you, look for a separate villa with some acreage surrounding it, so you’re not too close to loud music or neighbors, and you’re not too close to prying eyes. Areas to consider include Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Benoa Bay, and Ubud.

Do when looking for honeymoon villas in Bali:

  • Villas with outdoor pools. Even better, a jacuzzi for romantic nights. 
  • Holiday houses on the outskirts of major cities with close access to nightlife and shopping. Ubud, Seminyak, and Jimbaran are perfect for couples. 
  • Villas that have sensitive alarm systems and in-room safes for your valuables.

What not to do:

  • Villas close to or in the heart of the city. Kuta might not be the best for couples looking for solitude. 
  • During the peak season, when surrounding resorts are overrun with people, or find a gated property (or one situated on a private estate).

Looking for the Ideal Family Villas in Bali

Looking for the Ideal Family Villas in Bali

When you have a family, you only want the best for them. Every family have different needs and what works on some families might not be working for you. If you are travelling with babies or curious toddlers, you might want to look at one-story villas or a vacation rental without heavy ornaments that can harm your babies. Other families consists with teens and large groups, and they might need bunk beds and villas with many rooms. So when you are looking for the ideal family villas in Bali, make sure to see: 

  • The required number of restrooms (you can never have enough bathrooms when going away with kids).
  • There are enough bedrooms to accommodate everyone (en-suite bathrooms are mostly appreciated).
  • Private balconies or terraces accessible from your accommodation.
  • Swimming pool with a fence (or check access to and depth of the pool to determine how safe it is to use around children).
  • Outdoor activities for all ages. If you enjoy watersports, for example, select a villa that is just a few steps from the sea. Benoa Bay, Nusa Dua, and Jimbaran are the perfect area for families who want quiet beaches and fun watersport. Do you enjoy hiking? A home concealed in the highlands or hills, such as villa in Ubud, will be a much better choice.

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The Right Holiday Villas in Bali for Single Travelers

The Right Holiday Villas in Bali for Single Travelers
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While solo travellers tends to prefer homestays, bunkbed hostels, or hotel rooms, there’s no rules that prevents you to book a whole private villa Bali for yourself. Some people do like being alone in their own space and sharing it with no one else. 

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Dos when you are looking for holiday villas in Bali for solo traveler: 

  • Look for smaller Bali villas with private pool
  • Choose popular areas with dense population and easy access to everywhere. Canggu, Seminyak, Kuta, and Ubud are perfect for solo travelers looking for new friends. 
  • Choose a villa in Bali with breakfast option. You will have less motivation to stock up the fridge and cook when you are travelling alone. 
  • Look for luxury villa with cozy corners for relaxing or TV streaming services in their amenity list.

What not to do: 

Book a ten bedroom villa. You will feel isolated being alone in a large house. 

Renting a villa in totally secluded location. Always imagine walking alone back to the villa after late night party. It’s not always safe to walk alone in dark, isolated path.